All fall down…..

Today I was going to work early for a meeting and as I turned on to one of the many side streets on my way, I saw a whole bunch of motorcycles and mopeds which had been subjected to the domino effect. A school kid pushed 1 thinking it would be funny but when all the others went he looked a little worried. It was a camera moment however in my rush to get out the house I didn’t have it with me – what would have made the picture was the amount of suited people all stood round laughing at the mess….obviously they do not ride into work! I am dying to get a motorbike – zipping here and there and missing the congestion charge.
Yesterday I took a stroll up to a chip shop on Leather Lane at around 1900 – stupid boy that I am and not thinking – It’s the city – no one is open after 1700!! I was really looking forward to them as well, I think hunger and lust for grease clouded my memory! On my way I overheard a lot of people who seemed very excited about the Formula 1 drivers speeding down Regent Street. I on the other hand was just glad it didn’t effect the traffic too much and cause problems at work. I would have loved to take my brother to see it however clashing schedules did not allow.
Next week PJ Harvey is coming to Brixton Academy and I cannot wait to see the little elfish lady – last time she was at the Academy she was fantastic and I am sure I won’t be disappointed this time either. What will be nice, now that I am based in Brixton, is not rushing for the tube and chopping and changing to get home. Polly, Polly, oh how I love you.
MTV called me today to see if I wanted tickets to something or other- I said yes (a little bemused) and now need to wait until they arrive to see what they are. It will be a nice change from the bills that normally land on the mat. One thing he said was “Ensure you dress up in your best” – I do that to go to the market so no worries there!

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