Big Brother President Kerry

So to get back in touch with my homeland, I read the New York Times on the web, and try to get the print edition on Sunday. I do love my NYT but once they get onto something they like, they can go on and on in a gushing, totally subjective manner. Witness the coverage recently of John Kerry picking John Edwards as his Vice-President running mate. It’s totally bordering on the obscene. Here’s a excerpt from today:

As they stood on the lawn this morning, against the backdrop of the lush, rolling Allegheny terrain, Mr. Kerry said the two families had spent the overnight visit getting better acquainted. He said the candidates talked politics and exchanged anecdotes over dinner about life on the campaign trail. Mr. Kerry joked that Mr. Edwards’s son Jack, does a “wild cannonball” and that Jack had said on the phone that he could swim with his head above water. “He knows what’s important,” Mr. Kerry said.

COME ON. Wha’evuh. This is the NYT trying to be lighthearted.

But then I got to thinking, this kind of coverage isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even though most people who read the NYT are going to vote Democrat anyway, it still gives some positive coverage to a viable alternative to Bush, who, frankly, looks like a total cunt.

But THEN I got to thinking how strange it was in Britain when there is an American election going on, the papers here put comments in an editorial, trying to support one or the other, and in that way determining how it will change Britain’s relationship with America.

And THEN I thought, seemingly totally unrelated like, wasn’t that funny how The Sun (a national newspaper here) hired a plane and flew it over the Big Brother house, surprising the contestants with some news about last week’s nominations?

And THEN I thought, well, maybe a leftie newspaper here, like The Guardian, could hire loads of planes and drop leaflets over major cities and fly banners saying “VOTE KERRY AND EDWARDS 2004” or something like that, supporting the candidate they chose.

And the last thought I had in this process is that after 9/11, people wouldn’t take too kindly to things falling from the sky.

Some insight into my fragile, little, mind.

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