I’m only happy when it rains

On leaving the flat I had no time at all to find my umbrella (which I carry around when it’s baking hot and lose when it’s pouring) and so when I reached Blackfriars I had to run down to the nearest side alley and stand under shelter. On most of the buildings down Tudor Street there is a small ledge protruding which provides an exceptionally small amount shelter from the rain. What amuses me is everyone tries to edge down the street sideways (I am embarrassed to say including myself – the suit still gets wet but my hair remains dry!) playing a game of chicken with anyone coming towards them to see who will move first and get stuck in the rain for 2 steps. Today however, even with my game of chicken and taking shelter, I made it to the office drenched and now have the fun of sitting in wet clothes for the evening.
The 5678’s are coming to Brixton (The Windmill) on 12/08/04. Featured in Kill Bill Vol 1 (an amazing film which must be seen!) they are a Japanese punk trio with lyric less songs and are famous for “Woo Hoo”. Even if they only last the length of this tour which so many of these bands do it will be a fantastic show! Only a few tickets left and for only £4 (or something ridiculous) how could you say no?

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  1. (unregistered) on July 13th, 1904 @ 3:20 am

    The 5678’s (correct name 5,6,7,8s) are also playing Reading this year, which will be exceedingly excellent.

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