I want to ride my bicycle

There was an amusing incident outside work the other night when I was stood having a cigarette at about 2300 chatting to one of the coordinators. Suddenly we could hear exceptionally loud shouting and round the corner came two old men (mid 60’s at a guess) dressed in dinner suits riding push bikes up the hill. One of the guys was clearly exhausted (and worse for wear from the drink) and zig zagged all the way up stopping cabs in his path. The other was powering it up at the speed of light. What finished off their dinner suits was their trousers being tucked into white socks!
Normally blocking a cabbie in route would result in a horn being sounded or some crass comment shouted but everyone was so amused we all just watched them carry on up the road.
Not to say that cabbies are bad – London cabbies amuse me no end. We deal with a lot of drivers be it for executive cars or black cabs and they are all such a laugh. 1 guy who picks up jobs from our firm always comes into the office and shouts to a lady in the office “Ello love how’s your scab?” – she sometimes gets cold sours. Another guy in our office is well known for chatting for a million years, using 20 words when he could use 5, whenever he opens his mouth and this driver is picking up he gets “SHUT YOUR MOUTH!” before he has even started. All meant in good humour of course! And no matter what anyone says I have never had problems getting a cab to go south of the river – although they do say you should need a passport to cross the Thames!

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  1. (unregistered) on July 13th, 1904 @ 3:19 am

    Strange things happen at my work too, like protests outside the front door by a bunch of queers from OutRage protesting about the homophobic Sheikh Al-(insert wierd name here). Newho.

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