messed up

i took myself off to the Prince Charles Cinema this evening. i love that cinema – its off a little street in leicester square and i used to pass the enormous sign saying “tickets £1.50!” and think it must be dodgy (i mean, nothing good comes cheap in this city does it?) then one day happened to pass it and realised that maybe i was wrong. so for anyone whos ever passed that sign and thought “nothing good comes cheap in london” just like i did, it shows re runs of newish films, arty films that most big name cinemas pass up, and even the occaisonal sing a long rocky horror. and you should make it your business to go and not be so judgemental.
so im standing in the queue for starsky and hutch and a the man in front of me turns around and asks me, “its wednesday today isnt it?”. and the crazy thing is, im as confused as he is and am like “err… yeah”. you know, i get a bit shy when people i dont know talk to me unexpectedly, and i wasnt really thinking. a few moments later it occurs to me that, no its actually thursday today, and so i told him. hes then even more confused than i was, and protests “for real? FOR REAL?!? that is MESSED UP!!!”. i wasnt sure what to say except to agree with him. he didnt stick around to watch starsky and hutch anyway.
messed up indeed.

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