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n22Tomorrow, I start to look at some more apartments. After narrowing it down to 2 or 3 agents which I visited over the last fortnight who look as if they know what they are doing, I’m going to see a few of their choice properties. There’s one particular section of London I’m interested in, up near Alexandra Palace (aka “Ally Pally” by those in the know). Here’s a pic of how the last tenants left it.

Because I live so central at the moment, moving out to borderline suburbs is something I am trying to get over. However, there are advantages – no heroin addicts shooting up in the park across from where I live, the streets probably won’t look like a rubbish dump on Sunday morning after everyone straggles home from late nights, people will hopefully say hello to you if you pass them on the street (unlike in my building where you won’t even get a grunt from someone passing by on the stairs). An added advantage to that area is that there’s a nice oasis of great little shops plus it’s very close to decent transport (buses and trains). So perhaps there is some hope for me to find a decent place yet.

It really hit me yesterday how expensive this moving malarkey is going to be- aside from fees to solicitors, estate agents etc, there’s the fact that I want to buy a lot of new stuff for the apartment and chuck out all my crap furniture, I’m going to have to pay a deposit on a new place, probably have to put loads of stuff in storage while I’m in Edinburgh and on vacation, ugh. A potential nightmare in the making considering I’m earning so little at the moment, and the flat won’t complete until 7 Aug, a week after I leave for Edinburgh.

Speaking of so little money, I decided I couldn’t be bothered to go into my Crap Temp Job yesterday, as I had loads of production co work to do. As an experiment, I didn’t call in sick to see if anyone would wonder where I am. And surprise, surprise, no one called me to find out what was going on! Now this is a terrific scenario, really, no one notices when I’m not there, and when I am there, I never have any work to do, so I resort to doing all my own stuff and getting paid for it. What a great blag this has turned out to be.

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    I thought this was a London site?

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