London charm …

So, I am sitting comfortably on the no7 bus to Oxford Circus this morning, and from the corner of my wee eye, I see slight movement in what can only be described as a blonde haired honey monster sitting next to me. Now believe me, I

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  1. ted_groony (unregistered) on November 26th, 2004 @ 4:59 pm

    You don’t exactly come out of this looking too great either — so, you’d figured that the woman wanted to get off at the next stop but you couldn’t just let her past? Can you not take a hint?

    Why did you want to make her say ‘excuse me’ to you? Are you some kind of control freak?

    And your name for her is a bit demeaning too, don’t you think?

    And *then* you have the nerve to refer to yourself as ‘friendly’? Makes me glad I don’t use the no. 7 bus…

  2. duncan (unregistered) on November 26th, 2004 @ 7:59 pm

    My guess is she was a successful mute, who had overcome years of stigmatisation for her disability to rise to a high level position in a major corporation, but you made her late because you couldn’t conceive that someone might not be able to say the words "excuse me" and still be a valuable human being.


  3. Andy (unregistered) on November 28th, 2004 @ 9:53 am

    You may not have noticed but there are a lot of new peopel around in London who don’t necessarily speak English even though they may not be obviously foreign. The funny clothes are often a good clue.

    Do you sit on the aisle seat to try and disuade people from sitting next to you or do you shuffle along to make space for others?

  4. Adnan (unregistered) on January 1st, 2005 @ 11:05 pm

    Who cares……she pissed you off , you pissed her off and by reading all these comments everyone is pissed off. So looks like everyones equal :)

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