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The Rematch – come on I dare you

For all you not in the know, the rematch of the london pillow has been arranged…
The last one was lots of fun, and Im sure this time will be bigger and better. For details the visit mobile clubbing, and to get in the know for all future events in and around the capital, london mobs is a must, just make sure you remember the rules, and DONT forget your pillow…..

PS. If you manage to whack me, your sure as hell asking for a whooping

English, the new world language. Know wot I mean?

English will conquer the world, but the linguistic deck chairs have already been taken by German in Asia. As a former English teacher myself with some experience of Portugal and Spain (well the Labour defeat in 1992 was too much to handle so I left) this story comes as no surprise to me at all. What does interest me though is the kind of English that’s being learned? Is this growth in English still driven by the economic power of the US, or is it the growth of China that is using English as its passport to the eager markets of the capitalised west? One thing is for sure that the citizens of Shanghai will not be ‘cor blimey’ anytime soon.

Before I go I wanted to share this with you. If you can, please find a home for next years coolest calendar. You’ll find them here and at

Give the West End a miss

Some people love Christmas shopping in London’s West End, somehow feeling that such a trial is ‘traditional’ and somehow validates the chore of buying gifts. Personally, spending a day squirming through the endless crush of bodies to get from the chill of Oxford Street into the subtropical temperatures inside the stores just so I can fight a tourist for the last (insert this year’s top toy) for a nephew I never see is not my idea of shopping for loved ones.

Instead, today we’re heading off towards Chatsworth Road (E5), home of Hackney’s oldest street market, to visit the 2004 Chartsworth Road Market Festival instead. Although this will be our first visit to the event, it comes well recommended by friends. I have managed to get hold of some details from the organisers, so here’s a taste of what’s in store.

There are 60 stalls selling everything from jewellery, hats, bags and homemade gingerbread men to candles, pottery and baby clothes. Children can see Sedek the Stiltwalker between 12 and 3pm and check out the kids zone that includes workshops, the Hackney Playbus and Hackney fire engines.

On the festival stage in Rushmore school, there will be a varied line up of acts including folk quartet The Drones at 12.20pm followed by
jazz outfit Mingus at 1pm and some Afro-Latin funk from Bushtaxi at 2pm. Poets Queen Khadijah and Akwafi Rondoh take to the stage at 2.45 and after that it

My old man’s a dustman, he wears a dustman’s hat….

Yes, it


Just a friendly note to anyone shopping on Oxford Street, Regent Street, Picadilly Circus, Covent Garden, Bluewater, Brent Cross, or any other extremely crowded shopping area at holiday time: it is NOT acceptable to

  • Walk out of a store while engaging in animated conversation with a friend
  • Back away from a kiosk on the street
  • Text while you’re walking
  • Decide you’re lost and stop in the middle of the pavement to discuss where you should be going

or any other manoeuvre that otherwise blocks pedestrian traffic, cuts hurrying people off and makes them trip over you. It’s antisocial. No one likes shopping in these places during the holidays because they’re already too crowded. Your contribution to the problem is not appreciated.

The holidays are supposed to be about loving your fellow man and living in peace and all that jazz, but I tell you – they just make me angry at all the stupid and antisocial people out there. :P Bleh.

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