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Simply Magic

For those of you that are a certain age this tune will bring back so many memories. Enjoy.

Cream crackered

Its a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I feel so lazy. The move to our new place has progressed little in the past week, but it is only week 1 ;-). There is something so satisfying in seeing the words Sale Agreed next to the picture of the flat you have just sold your soul for. Is this what they call growing up? Damn, well I always a late starter.

We were out in Crystal Palace last night with some friends and what struck me was the number of restaurants, mostly Chinese/Thai. There must be at least 10 on Westow Hill alone. However, what is missing is a decent chippie. Where have all the chip shops gone?

To close today’s wee posting I wanted to ask what people wnat to achieve this year? We want to renovate our new home and make it ours. I want to cycle (I did 47 miles yesterday and oh brother do I feel it today) more and get dropped less often by the group. I want to move on in my job after making do for sooo long. What do you want?
Have a lovely Sunday wherever you are. Take care. Sean.

Lunch: Reservations Recommended

My husband and I spent this morning unpacking the last of the boxes from our move. Yes, you remember correctly (if at all): we moved in September. We really are just that disorganised. Now we have a living room full of empty cardboard and other various bits, but there are no more boxes to be sorted through.

We realised at about 1:00 that we had nothing in the house to eat for lunch, and thus decided to wend our way up to Angel to see what we could find to eat. There sure were a lot of people out for such a dreary, cold day.

As always, Wagamama had a queue out the door. It was cold; we didn’t want to wait.

So then, we decided to try the S&M Cafe (that’s Sausage & Mash for those of you with active imaginations), but the wait was half an hour.

So we went across the street to (the empty – telling, that) La Tasca, because we were sick of wandering around. Oddly (though Pinkfairycat might not mind), there was no non-smoking section. Bizarre.

So we ended up at Brown’s on the Green. Yes, it’s a chain – disappointing. Actually, though, it was pretty good.

Lesson for the day: If you want to eat out anywhere good in Islington on the weekend, even at lunch, you should try to make a reservation first. Not that you can book at Wagamama, but still.

On Yer Bike

Feeling blue? Why not do what thousands of Londoners have been doing more and more each year? Yes! Cycling. I’m a member of probably the South East’s biggest club. Addiscombe CC has a special place in my heart as it is a part of Croydon that I grew up in before my parents dragged me north and got me hooked on Haggis & Irn Bru. Them were hard days. Anyway, we (the club) has an organised run each and every Saturday kicking off from Coulsdon South station just south of Purley at about 9:15. please come along. The pace is easy going and half way along we all stop of at a brilliant cafe and have loads of tea, cakes and the best bacon ‘n’ egg sarnies this side of Crystal Palace.

January? Bleh.

Does anyone else just hate January? I know I do. Since the beginning of 2005, it’s been apathy city. Maybe it’s the letdown at the end of the holiday season, or maybe it’s this nasty, dreary, cold, dirty, annoying weather we’ve been having, but whatever it is, the result has been a distinct lack of motivation.

That would explain why this is my first post of the year. At the end of the month. This, mind you, comes before my first concerted effort to get the laundry done of the year (which may or may not happen over the weekend), and my first home-cooked meal of the year (ready-meals not counting), so it’s not as dire as it sounds.

This is a crappy time of year, but one of the cool things you can perpetually do around London is a wine tasting course. Sound stuffy? Think again. It’s actually a really great way to spend a weeknight, with some interesting folks. You don’t need any prior knowledge, you don’t need to know about regions or types of grapes or anything like that, you can admit without embarassment that, actually, right now, the way you choose a bottle is by looking at the label and the price (come on, we all do it).

I did a wine course last year, through the Wine Education Service. It was a ten-week course, and we did six different types of wine a night, one night a week. It was really cool. That was the beginning class. This time around, I think I’m going to go for The Wines of Italy, Portugal & Spain, but I encourage anyone who’s interested to try the beginner course. It’s amazing how much there is out there.

They’re offering beginner courses all over London right now: Leadenhall Market (City), Hoborn, Hampstead, Notting Hill Gate and South Kensington. You can check their website for dates and such. They sort of start every month or so at various places, so you can always find something going on.

January sucks, yes. There are probably better reasons to drink wine, but that one will do for me.

For The Ladies

Last week I found a little bit of heaven. My Mummy decided that for my birthday she should take me to the Sanctuary.
Now I’ve never been one of those girlies that likes all that pampering stuff, My idea of luxary is my fluffy slippers, a cat on my lap and a SATC Box set. But as this has been a partiularly hard year in my little life, I gave the sanctuary a shot. And boy am I glad I did.
Situated in the middle of Covent garden, its hidden by a shop Facade. When you go in the are ushured up a flight of stairs by a pretty ladie in the cutest of kimonos and given a freshly squeezed juice while they book you in.
Next up you get a little wristband for you electric locker and a HUGE white fluffy robe, you can imagine I was starting to get impressed boy this point. My Mum being a vetran of the gaff took me straight to the jacuzzi. WOOOOHHOOOO. You see I am a total spa virgin, and i never been in one of them before, but alas , there was more
All in all I visited the steam and Sauna 3 times and countless trips the the various jacuzzis. The great thing about this place is that its girls only. Thats also a pit fall, as several times I got a eyeful of old ladies bits, but there is no need to worry about men walking around.
Lunch was poncey but nice. I never had crab liguine before, but this was a day of many firsts. All the products were free, so every time I visited the smokers gallery(a small dirty balcony, overlooking the pool), I covered myself in various expensive and free cream and ointments.
It was a great day, there is also a variety of special treatments available that cost more than the ?65 day membership, but for me the basic package was enough.

Ladies if you havent found The Sanctuary yet, it is a must, I found it a lovely relaxing experience, and also great to bond with my Mum. I reckon its a ideal treat for hens, new mummys or just if you need that little bit of decandance.

Highlight of the day – laughing at the naked old lady on the famous swimg. A sight I will NEVER forget.

No Smoke in the Smoke

I had to go meet a old friend today and what a bloody nightmare.
Im a chain smoker, and a cold hater, and Im really sorry national rail. Liverpool Street station is a really unfriendly place for the likes of me.
Forstly, I had to wait ages for my friend, who is in a delicate place at the moment, so I had to sit outside Maccy D’s in the elements. Expensive chocolate and Beggars galore… I was not a happy bunny as I puffed on my ciggie and shivered.
When my friend di finally show up, do you think we could find a coffee shop with smokers facilites… NO. and , they made the actual station smoker free, I was so not impressed… I mean WHY. I never seen anything like that before, all the other stations you are allowed.
So guess what. we ended up in the pub… final safe haven for the nicotine minded. I tell you, if this law comes into effect, I found myself a new trade, I m oppening a chain of the old smokers clubs…

Metroblogging at Meetup…

Metroblogging has teamed up with to sort out meetups in all the wide world. If you go over there you will find there is a group already set up for London…
Everyone is allowed to play, bloggers and readers – so ultimately this is a damn good excuse for a party or to talk seriously ’bout London(hmmmmmm)…
Also on there you can see all the other groups across the world, and what they are getting up to.

so if you please, go and sign up… next one is Febuary (im a cranberry and soda)

More Stuff Please

I love looking at signs and seeing if there are faults in them which is the linguistic equivalent of laughing when you see someone fall over I suppose. However there are books around saying bad spelling is good so maybe I should lighten up. I doubt I will mind you.

Anyway, there is no fault in this sign outside a shop in South Molton Street except I am not quite sure what they are selling. I should have gone in, of course, in the name of research but we all have a load of “stuff” at home and I certainly don’t need more even if it is free. Nice gimmick though which I appreciate. I also liked the Virgin Clothes sign from a few years back. They were having a sale on shoes “buy one shoe, get one free”. Irresistible.

Busted flush?

Just a short piece on the deep regret welling up from within me at the news of the demise of the band Busted. That’ll teach them for supporting the party with something of the night about it. Let that be a lesson to all you kids out there.

Meanwhile, what’s out there this weekend? As the days are slowly starting to get longer I urge you all to get on a bike and reject the gym as the waste of money it is. Moreover in the light of the recent successes at the Manchester Velodrome there is another opportunity to see top notch track cycling here in good old London town. Please, as many come and bring a mate too.

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