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Babyshambles – 100 club

To welcome myself truly back into the gigging scene Mike and I decided to go to a rather exclusive intimate gig. We settled on Babyshables of Pete Doherty fame at the 100 Club to answer that burning question, is there any substance behind the adoration or is he just the best advert for Heroin (substance, haha). I’ll be honest now and say that before I attended the gig I hadn’t heard one of their songs in their entirety, maybe flicking through 15seconds on a borrowed Ipod. All the better I thought, no preconceptions of their music to distract me.

The gig started 1hr late (no surprise there) and we were led downstairs. The venue looked like a disused church hall over run by art students. I was struck by the small stage, lack of barriers and consumption of alcohol at such an ungodly hour (This being a Matinee due to his bail terms, don’t you know). A few famous faces here and there showing there support, some guy from Razorlight and some comedian so i’m told.

Pete swaggers on stage, barging past the audience and starts. It’s not good. In fact, it’s dreadful, he sounds like someone is strangling him. Thankfully this doesn’t continue, as the band warm up, the vocals improve and the vibe is good. I learn the title to one song (fuck forever) and am thoroughly enjoying it.

There’s just something about the underdog the English love so much. His fragility onstage and instability make him so mesmerising to watch. You almost don’t want to take your eyes off him in case he implodes into a million pretty stars and disappears forever. His genius will never last, so engross yourself in it while you can.

The adoration Pete seems to be held with is well deserved. This boy, apparently having achieved, 11As at GCSE and 4As at A Level has managed to become a junkie, made a bit of money through The Libertines and shagged one of the most attractive girls in the world.

Pictures taken by the great londoncallingtothefarawaytowns blog.

Maybe its because I’m a …

Its been a while and no I have nothing to publish, nor anything to promote (not just yet, more on that later). What I did want to briefly ask is what is it we get out of living in London? Is it weekend jaunts to Columbia Road Flower Market, or is trips to our favourite cafes for a weekend read of our favourite newspaper whilst sipping on hot frothy coffee ? It could also be enjoying cycling through some of the cities quieter streets? Who knows.
These things of course interest me. There is something that I have become a part of that is hoping to get started soon. When I know more I’ll share it with you. Meanwhile, get those flowers in early and remember to stop off for a salt beef bagel on the way up from Shoreditch tube along Brick Lane. ;-)

Treading The Boards

Just a thought, I was kinda wondering why we dont use the message boards.
It seems to me they are there to be used and we dont. So incase anyone didnt even know they were there they london one is here ……

and the ones for all the other cities are available through the link upstairs that say message boards.

Phase behaviour in human communities and the evolving social internet

I just published an essay called “Phase behaviour in human communities and the evolving social internet” on my professional blog.

Admittedly, it’s not London-related, but I wanted to post the link here because it deals with topics relevant to the Metblogs initiative in general, such as online-offline integration and organic community evolution within networks.

: )

Rainbow Quay in the snow


The frosty view from my balcony this morning.


Well. Its not my favourite place, but something has to be said for Chelsea and Westminister Hospital.
I spend a lot of time in there, and I think its a real good Hospital.The place gets a lot of flack at the moment, what with that lady getting MMR, and it being in the NHS full stop.

My experience has always been a good one. I tend to see my doc on time all the time (yes, I too was shocked), who happens to be THE doc by the way; this guy is recognized in America and specialises in his feild for the whole country… my hero. The plebomotmy people are quite quick too which is good as they take a hell of a lot of my blood.
Ive always found it easy to call up and appointments are easy to get, Ive had to wait up to 3 months at various other places, here its usually 6 weeks, and funny enough, only a 2 week wait for day surgery.

I went in for a day surgery last week, and for such a terrifying thing, it went well. The theatre geezer told me to think of wallace and grommit (?), it was all done quickly and by 2pm I was allowed to go for cigerettes… by 4pm I was allowed to hobble home with a hole in my side, but hey… I didnt get MMR.

Jokes aside, I think CWH is the easiest hospital experience about.

Times are a changin’

Not one to nornally blow the sites own trumpet, but I really like the new masthead. The old phonebox picture never did it for me given there are fewer and fewer of the old GPO boxes around these days. Now we all have mobiles when is the last time you ever saw one being used as its designers intended?

Weather alert.Its STILL SNOWING


Just a little note from my sick bed to say Hi to the guys and girls in manila and Karachi.

Now metroblogging has extended to 27 cities. Wooot Woot.


What’s with the weather lately? It’s been gorgeously sunny and warmish one minute, then drizzly and grey and bitterly cold the next.

Like right now. Where I am (in Hoxton) it’s gorgeous and sunny with a blue sky… and a torrent of hail! What gives?

Bond Street? No. Hatton Garden? Yes.

In a non-techie change of pace, we whimsically went wandering around Bond Street yesterday. It’s my birthday in less than a week and we were looking for some nice non-high street jewelry. Nothing too pricey (I mean, come on. We just bought a projector TV) but something special.

I, for one, don’t spend a lot of time on Bond Street. It’s all insanely priced and although I’m a big sucker for handbags, I often find shops there too stuffy for my tastes. They’re not window shopping friendly, which annoys me. Nonetheless, we did wander around, just for fun and to see what was out there, and I noticed that some shops were worse than others. So I now present you with

Beth’s Far From Comprehensive Bond Street Roundup

  • Asprey: Very nice salesman. Non-intimidating. Non-pushy. Not condescending. Very respectful. Fabulous jewelry. By far, my favourite of the bunch.
  • Cartier: Crowded. Everything too pricey (like very little under £10,000). Non-intimidating.
  • Graff: We didn’t go in here. We were blinded by the glare of the diamonds in the window. I felt that if the sun had been out and shining on them, they were sparkly enough to have intensified the light so much that I’d have gotten a tan.
  • Jimmy Choo: Nice staff. Non-intimidating. Made me wonder what was wrong with my social life that I had nowhere to wear any of this stuff.
  • Mikimoto: Oh my God fabulous pearls. The staff were… decidedly middle aged women. Which is not the norm around there. We found a £40,000 strand of pearls. Oh well, in my next life maybe.
  • Nicole Farhi: They carry four sizes of clothing: 8-14. I have no idea if this is standard across designer clothes as I’ve never looked at designer clothes before, but I found this sort of ridiculous. I guess the sentiment is if you can afford this stuff, then you can afford a personal trainer. Nice enough staff.
  • Prada: Condescending to the point that they’re annoyed that you’re in their store.
  • Tiffany: Needlessly snobby salesstaff. Condescending. EUGH. I’m never going in there again. Ever.

Naturally, it didn’t take us long to get annoyed with Bond Street. By this time we’d decided that this isn’t where we needed to be going for anything but a ripoff. So, we hopped a taxi and ended up in Hatton Garden and oh my what a breath of fresh air that was.

There were a number of jewelry shops along the street and they were all independent and in most cases the jewelry was designed in the shop. In our case, the jewelry was designed by the man who sold it to us. With places like that, if you don’t like what they have out, you can get them to make you something you do like. It was competitively priced and the guy was really nice and didn’t push too hard to sell us anything and it was such a pleasant experience, it was a huge relief. The shop was Krystle and I’d recommend it to anyone.

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