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What’s the point?

No this is not a political rant. I want to know what is the point of the Travel Safe officers on South West Trains? I mean, what do they do? Is it just a way for the train company to claim that they are helping to keep the unemployment stats low? Didn’t Railways used to manage well enough without TSO’s?

Right back to politics. I have thought long and hard and will vote with my conscience. However, I do not need Che’s words to inspire me.

Right everyone, have a great weekend. Its my last day as a 30 something tomorrow, so we’re out to get drunk tonight and party like its 1999. God I wish. ;-)

Mayday 2005

If you feel you “are a mixed bunch, a heterogeneous multitude of precarious jobs and lives.” which has been “spawn[ed] out of fordist assembly chains, but out of dystopian retail chains and office spaces.” Then this is the thing for you.

The MayDay festival seems to incite images of mindless youths getting drunk and throwing bricks at anything that’ll induce an adrenaline rush.

This year however, the proceedings will be ever so slightly different. My friend promises me that it’ll be a peaceful affair that will create a difference in the world, much like the Make Poverty History Vigil. There’ll be music and dance.

Thousands more will be made aware of the indignation we feel to the exploitation of human souls across the globe, they will in turn obviously invoke such feelings in others so as to create an exponential self sustained flow of emotion which will create a difference.

So if, and only if, you look like the cartoon characters here, please join us. It’s the start of a revolution.

To Join the flash mob, email your mobile number to: and be noted of the time and place on the day automatically.

“If you tremble indignation at every injustice then
you are a comrade of mine.” –Ernesto Guevara



London’s narrow backstreets

Rushing down a typically narrow London street in your car
A slight misunderstanding with the oncoming car’s driver
A fascinating insight into how many different parts there are inside a car’s side mirror. And how easily they can break. And how unbelievable expensive it can be to get it fixed. Oh, and a quick realisation that you can’t fix it yourself, no matter how good you think you are at fixing things.


– Riaan

Last Saturday’s meetup


Originally uploaded by Andyrob.

That’s the route we ended up taking, and it was only supposed to be a wander around the East End. Photos are still being sorted out and uploaded but there are already loads of them here . Yeah, nice day out – met some new people, took photos, ended up in a pub and wore my legs out, so well worthwhile really. Now we know it can easily be done, perhaps a few more metro blog writers and readers will want to turn up for the next one in May.

Those unplanned weekends are the best

For a totally unplanned weekend, this past one turned out really great. I love it when that happens.

I had an unexpected visit to the London Aquarium, right next to the London Eye. Now I’ve been to quite a few aquariums, including the ones in Sydney, San Francisco and Cape Town, and did not expect the London one to be that great….but it’s absolutely right up there with the rest of them and well worth a visit.

London Aquarium

The website lists shark and other fish feeding times, and there’s a superb ray petting pool, if you’re the type that can attract a ray that is. (Apparently I’m not..)

There’s a stream of pics I took at the aquarium here.

Then Saturday night saw me at the Brixton Academy since I got hold of tickets for the Athlete show.

Brixton Academy.jpg

Wow, wow and wow again. Great band, great venue and fantastic concert.

– Riaan

Art appreciation


I haven’t posted for ages now as I’ve been spending my timein Emirates 777s flying between London and Dubai for the past month, but hopefully that won’t be the case now.

One of the things to strike me in London (apart from the lack of sunshine and russian hookers) was the graffiti on walls, tubes, trains, bus shelters, garden fences etc and some of this is pretty damn good actually. There’s a website dedicated to Graffiti in London with thousands of photos. You can see it here

Never been great at art myself so I tried googling for something that lets you draw similar stuff, and came across a quality website. Do check this one out. I managed to create this in 20 seconds. Okay i know it looks crap but I’m hoping some of you will probably do a better job. Do show us what you’ve come up with.

Race for life 2005

Because I missed the London marathon, I have decided to join the 5km “Race for life”, to raise money for Cancer Research.

Actually, that is not strictly true. I wouldn’t have been able to run the London marathon anyway, because I’ve been leading such a sedentary life. But a 5 km run is entirely manageable. A few girls at work have decided to do the run together. The plan is do jog for half an hour after work a couple of times a week, and do the run in mid June.

It’s a girls-only event, and you only pay

Worth a punt

Remembering the last time the Tories were in power is enough for me, however what worries me is what this means to those not old enough to remember anything other than Tony at No.10. There is a lot at stake and it goes beyond the issue of trust over Iraq. It is about letting back into power a man with something of the night about him. The miners strike, the poll tax, the farce of the ERM, the list goes on and on. The years spent playing market forces withe NHS. I hope we don’t wake up and have them back on the 6th. Please not again.


Thames wood


Originally uploaded by Andyrob.

Well, I’m off to the flickr/blog meet in a bit. It will only be a small group but the momentum is starting to build up, particularly for another one later in May, somewhere by the river. So here’s a maritime shot taken last week from Greenwich.


Wow, I’ve always known I’m unobservant, but this really takes the biscuit: I just asked a guard on the northbound Northern Line platform at London Bridge which direction the train would be coming from (I need to alight near the back at East Finchley for the exit there), and he told me that the trains always head towards the signals (which are placed at one end of the platform only). And I’ve been living in London eleven years, scurrying up and down those underground platforms like a mouse in a maze!

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