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Harry Potter was here




Want to be in the know??? Your now in the know……..

It’s another one, this time it is at
Liverpool St Station. 7:22pm

This time it is Mobile Clubbing

What to do :
Liverpool Street Station – 7:22pm – 2nd June 2005
(don’t be early, don’t be late!)

Turn up with your personal stereo or MP3 with
your favourite tracks loaded up. At 7:22pm don
your headphones and boogie. Spread out and use
all the space.


See ya There… *winks*

A Fact A Day………….. #13


In the W1 postal area – Theatreland, in Londons West End, there is only one road.

Source: Daddy

A Fact A Day………….. #12


The average speed of tube trains, including station stops, is 33 kph (20.6 mph).

The deepest station is Hampstead at 58.5m below ground level and the most distant place served is Amersham at 43km (27miles) away from the centre.
The shortest distance between stations is that between Leicester Square and Covent Garden a distance of just 260metres.

The longest underground station escalator is 60m at Angel giving a vertical rise of 27.5m. The shortest escalator is 9.1m at Chancery Lane Station with a vertical rise of just 4.6m.
The Underground’s busiest station is Victoria, with 76.5 million passengers a year.


Cup Cake Alert

Seriously good cup cakes (or is it fairy cakes?) at Melrose and Morgan, a grocer on 42 Gloucester Avenue, NW1 8JD; delicate pastel colours, excellently fragrant frosting, a dense but not leaden sponge and, most importantly, a perfect frosting to cake ratio.

The store is located in a rather arcadian corner of Primrose Hill (close to the Regents Canal). These cup cakes could take out the Sex in the City favourite, Magnolia Bakery, with no problem.

A Fact A Day………….. #11


The Diocese of London has:

3.5 million people
277 square miles
479 churches
191 parishes classified as ‘deprived’ Urban Priority Areas
141 people in training for the priesthood
64,440 adults listed as members on church electoral rolls
71,400 people attend church weekly
150 church schools
40,600 pupils

Source: Church Of England

A Fact A Day………….. #10


The London Eye

The passenger capsules of the London Eye incorporate an entirely new design form for observation wheels. Instead of being suspended under gravity they turn within circular mounting rings fixed to the outside of the main rim, thereby allowing a spectacular 360 – degree panorama at the top.
The London Eye uses two types of cable, wheel cables and backstay cables. Wheel cables include 16 rim rotation cables, and 64 spoke cables, these are similar to bicycle spokes and stretch across the wheel. There are six backstay cables, which are located in the compression foundation.
The compression foundation is situated underneath the A – frame legs; it required 2,200 tonnes of concrete and 44 concrete piles – each being 33 metres deep. The tension foundation, holding the backstay cables, used 1,200 tonnes of concrete.
The main elements of the hub and spindle were manufactured in cast steel. The spindle was too large to cast as a single piece so instead was produced in eight smaller sections. Two further castings, in the form of great rings, form the main structural element of the hub. The hub is a rolled steel tube forming the spacer that holds them apart. All the casting was carried out by Skoda Steel.

Source: BA London Eye

To do: Student Art, Canal Walk, Neck Face and Ghetto Superstars

No comprehensive lists of stuff to do this long weekend, but here’s a few options:

If you are wandering around Borough Market you can get respite from the heaving, camera-toting masses and see some fresh art at an exhibit entitled ‘Paperscape’ at the RK Burt Gallery (57 Union Street, London SE1 1SG). It features the work of eleven associates of the London College of Communications.

Feeling more adventurous? Diamond Geezer has posted comprehensive notes on walks around the Regents Canal. He quotes my blog at one point, but I don’t link him here as some sort of blogger love-in, his site offers endless ideas for places to visit around London.

I spotted Neck Face graffiti when I was at Regents Canal a few weeks ago. However, if you can’t be assed to check out Neck Face in the urban wilds, you can see (and buy) some of his work at the DPMHI store in Soho. I almost get the impression that the graffiti is to get cred for the stuff he is flogging, but maybe I am just too jaded. It’s definitely a cool store to peruse and while you are there, you could also pick up an outfit to dress yourself like a ‘ghetto superstar’ and really impress your colleagues at work on Tuesday. (Neck Face links via Coolhunting)

Desperately Seeking Someone……..

latimer road001

London Metblogs is looking for a few good bloggers to join our motley crew. Twisted sense of humour, eyes in the back of your head and knowledge of the Local goings ons are not required, but definately help.

When it comes to posting there are really only two rules: Rule #1: The posts have to be about London. Rule #2: NO MORE RULES!

Our only real requirment is that you post an average of 2-3 times per week.

Soo… Please apply here

The Smallest Flat in London

mousehouse.jpgNewspapers are gleefully reporting the smallest flat in London—62 square feet (counting 3 foot bed loft) and

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