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A Fact A Day………….. #16


Harrods, London’s most famous department store, had its beginnings in 1849 when Henry Charles Harrods opened a small grocery shop nearby on Brompton Road.
By concentrating on good quality and impeccable service, rather than low prices, the store was soon popular enough to expand over the surrounding area.

Source: cnauk navy

Fix this one Bob

This weekend I’ll be wearing a rare MHP cycling top on Saturday as my own way of making a contribution to the weekends events. However, it seems that Sir Bob has missed a trick when the number of disabled given access to Live8 in London has been drastically reduced leading to an unseemly row between both sides as to whom is to blame.

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As of a few moments ago, two new Cities joined the Metroblogging Family.


A huge massive Hello to the guys over in Berlin, Its great to see more Europeans in the gang, I look forward to reading whats going on over there..

Hello World
Jewish Museum Berlin
Live 8 @ Berlin


And a huge massive welcome to another city on the other side of the pond Philadelphia, I will look forward to seeing what is happening in yout city, as Im sure all the London authors and readers will too.

Off and running
We hold these truths…
Episcopal Hospital


Pride ?

I just realised its London Pride week.


18 June – 1 July 2005
A mix of theatre, opera, dance, music, film, visual arts and sport will take place throughout London, aimed at the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered communities and their friends and families.

I remember as a little girl I was surrounded by uncles and aunties(friends as of the family, as well as my biological aunt and Uncle), who I now know were in gay and lesbian realationships. These people gave me a lot of what I am now, a accepting person.

As a teenager, I used to go up to Picadilly to watch the big march. I adored the tall men in bikinis with tennis balls. I loved the way they were proud and enjoying it so much.


I havent seen anything on the TV this year, I wonder if its acceptance, or if were used to it.. either way, its Pride its great fun, and I found a few events going on around the city. I hope the weather keeps up and I can go along.

In anycase, the Big rally is on saturday… theres going to be loads going on its all happening in trafalgar square, and theres promise of a lot of music and fun to be had.

and I shall definatly be at my usual spot for the parade, outside the Ritz…




For the first time Pride has a cabaret stage in Leicester Square, and will include the grand final of the Drag Idol competition which has been running in London’s gay bars over the past few months. The free Cabaret will run from 3pm to 7pm. Cabaret programme

If your going or know anyone going, have a fabulous time.

UPDATE: I just called my Uncle, and were gonna go…. Yeahhhhhhhh

The House and Garden Fair 2005

WOOT WOOT. Yet another Style and Design Showcase is hitting Londons mean streets this weekend. The House and Garden Fair 2005 opens at Olympia Today, until the end of the Weekend.

Boasting over 500 exhibitors the Fair covers all aspects of stylish modern living from gourmet food and wine, specialised travel, the hawtest wallpaper, to… well POT PLANTS.


I didnt think much of this years Ideal Home, and the Event of the year is always going to be 100% design as far as Im concerned, However, judging from appearances this years H&GF looks like a nice little pacifyer for the design freaks in London town.

A definate Incentive is that 2005 is the 10th Anniversary of The Daily Telegraph / House and Garden Fair and is also the 10th year in which the British Interior Design Association (BIDA) has been invited to design a show apartment as one of the key visitor attractions. I just know that that its going to RAWWWWWK….

Grand & National Halls, Olympia Exhibition Centre, London

Opening Times:
Thur 30 June : 10.00 – 6.00
Fri 1 July : 10.00 – 6.00
Sat 2 July : 10.00 – 6.00
Sun 3 July : 10.00 – 5.00

Exclusive Charity Evening in aid of The Prince’s Trust
Thurs 30 June: 6.30 – 9.30

Ticket Prices

What’s at the end of Ken’s garden.


Originally uploaded by Andyrob.

This is the no-flush composting toilet, a model suitable for a family of up to 6 which will strategically deliver substantial savings of our increasingly scarce resource – clean drinking water. All houses and ground floor flats with gardens in the GLA area scheduled to have one installed free of charge to teh consumer by mid to late 2007 after which time flushing cistern type indoor toilets will be removed. Residences with one or more disabled occupants and those who live above ground level will be issued with chemical toilets instead.

Another grey day, thank god for the Dark Knight

I was wondering last night after watching and very much enjoying Batman Begins, what a Communist or Socialist would make of the central tenet that compassionate capitalism is at the heart of the Dark Knight’s struggle to save Gotham City from itself.

Without his billions where would Bruce Wayne be? He is after all the most human of the superheroes to emerge from the late 1930’s. He is anything but super without his many ‘toys’. Its his wealth, inherited, rather than earned through hard graft that enables him to save the day.

Just a thought.

Tour de France starts Saturday, now that is superhuman!


Wanna be a radio star?

The Serpentine Gallery pavillion re-opens to the public from 5th July with an exhibition by Rirkrit Tiravanija.

“His first solo exhibition in London will feature a broadcasting studio within the Gallery from which a serialised radio programme will be transmitted daily on Resonance 104.4fm, with members of the public cast as characters. It will be on air live from Monday to Saturday at 4.30pm, with a recorded omnibus presentation weekly on Sundays at 11am.”

Admission Free, see

Changing London – Former Odeon Cinema

Former Odeon Cinema
Parsons Hill,Woolich.


Now fully restored to its former glory, and Boasting The Wine Bar and a conference centre, The Former Odeon Cinema is a Beautiful Example of Londons varied Architecture.

Built in the Art Deco period Its streamlining is stunning, and its hard to beleive such a gorgeous building was once once left unused and deemed a ‘building at risk’.


One of Oscar Deutsch’s many Odeons, the building built in 1937, is now Grade II listed, so many generations to come may enjoy the curves, cloud cutting towers and pure elegance of a Magical Era from London gone by.

A Fact A Day………….. #15


There are currently four World Heritage Sites – Palace of Westminster, Tower of London(great music), Maritime Greenwich and Kew Gardens and 17 national museums across the capital.

Source: English Heritage

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