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Venus has been telling me I should take advantage of the post Christmas sales. She’s, like, a professional shopper. Previous to present state of mommy-hood, she was a pop star then an actress. She knows how to shop. I am the opposite. I am a shopaphobic. Venus says this is unnatural.

I wouldn’t take it that far, but my end-of-year fragile self-esteem can’t take many more hits. PJ has given me

Cracking Bus Ride

Yes, it’s Christmas time. And, as I rode the No. 24 on Christmas Eve, my fellow bus denizens were…well…smoking crack. Maybe you think that I should not be so cavalier. But, I think I’ve earned the right to be so since this is the second time that I’ve shared the bus with crack smoking citizens.

I don’t get it. Can they not wait until they get home? Maybe they don’t have a home, so they have to do it on the bus. Safer than the street, I suppose. They could get caught on the street. The Old Bill is on the street. On the bus, though, it’s safe. The bus driver doesn’t pull over and kick them out. At least he hasn’t on these two occasions. Maybe he doesn’t know there are people smoking crack upstairs. But, surely there are cameras. Maybe he can’t see them. So, is it up to me to go down and say “Uhh, excuse me, but there’s a guy smoking crack…” Yeah…right. I was beaten up for this sort of thing in school. Called a snitch. What would a crack smoker do to me if he found out that I interrupted his smoke?

What to do, what to do, what to do? I just sat it out. And, as so as not to offend the guy, I didn’t get up and move. I was inhaling the crack fumes. What happens when you inhale second hand crack smoke? They never do articles in the Guardian about that.

Merry Christmas.

London Calling

Merry Christmas everyone and have a wonderful 2006.

‘Voting error’ gave London Games


BBC SPORT | Other Sport… | Olympics 2012 | ‘Voting error’ gave London Games

A senior Olympic figure has told the BBC that London only won the 2012 Olympics because of a misplaced vote.

Alex Gilady claims the mistake happened when a vote was cast for Paris instead of the intended recipient, Madrid.

Children get High in Public

Is it going too far to suggest fining people who give their kids sugary food and/or caffeinated drinks in public?

At a coffee shop today, two small children were running around screaming, bumping into things, grabbing on to me to steady themselves lest they fall and hit their little heads. You can bet there’d be hell to pay if I grabbed them, so why do they get to grab me? But I digress.

Just when they were calming down, and the rest of us could carry on carrying on our conversations, mom decides to feed them coke and biscuits. Sugar and caffeine…an obnoxious combination perpetrated upon a child and paid for by the rest of us. Mom even got annoyed with child for getting uber-hyper. She actually said “Sit down and drink your coke.” I nearly pissed myself laughing. “How can he sit down,” I snorted. “He’s high.” Lost, lost, lost on her.

I’ve often wondered why parents even bother to start their children on sugar and caffeine. Why do they give them sweeties in the first place? It’s only starting them down the path of what could be a lifetime obsession. “Oh, it’s just one little ice cream.” Several stone later, and your kid is hating you for not teaching him the fundamentals of nutrition.

Anyway, back to the fining. I’m sure that sometime in the very near future, smokers will be fined for lighting up in public. Can we do the same to parents feeding children caffeine and sugar in public places…please…

Paris is Live !!!

Just a note to let you know that our friends over the Channel are now live …

please take a look at the new Paris Metrobloggers !!!

Dans le metro a minuit, Londres


Originally uploaded by Andyrob.

Bienvenue les Francais a Metroblogging. C’est tres choutette que vous voulez ecrire sure le nouveau blog ‘Paris’ en anglais, donc on va fair la meme chose ici. Dingue.

Le Solei en Decembre a Londres

Upset victory by God.

Wayne Rooney has missed out on being voted the world’s most famous person – after being pipped by God.The England and Manchester United striker won the incredible accolade in a poll of 2,500 under-10s. Rooney did manage to beat off the challenge of Jesus who came in third.

Cheeringly, the survey also found that becoming rich is the top priority in life for today’s children.

Asked how much money they would need to be rich, answers ranged from

Booze n’ Books competition

The London Review Bookshop (one of the best independent bookstores in London – based in Bloomsbury) is giving away two sets of the winning title and the four other short-listed novels from this year

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