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The London Sun

momandme.jpg I’m looking out of my window, and it’s snowing. Took this picture a few days ago just to remind myself on days like today that the London Sun does exist, however ephemeral.

The ultimate home entertainment system – the fish

It’s official, the Times says that aquariums are sexy.

Now, if I could keep a houseplant alive for longer than a week, I may graduate to fish.

And when I do, I want one of these:

The vogue is for aquatic room-dividers, often separating an en-suite shower, for example, from the rest of a bathroom or from the bedroom. Or they can be used to introduce light from another room into a dark space. Think of them as glamorous alternatives to glass bricks.

How very… Shaft.


momandme.jpgI’m not particularly in the mood to breed, but the media seem to be pushing me. And pushing me. And pushing me. Is it just me? It’s not that I don’t like babies…they’re really cute. And they are…the future. But maybe we should all just slow down a bit. Maybe we should concentrate on cleaning up around here…making the place safe and nice for babies. Maybe we should adopt a few of the starving ones from Africa who’ve been orphaned by AIDS and war and famine. Or maybe I’m just being an idiot.

Number 43

A big Welcome to Nashville the 43rd City in the Metroblogging family.


If you get a chance go see what is going down over there as the site is now LIVE !!!!

Phil’s back – stop sinning!


According to the team at Good at Magic – who produce the ‘Sinner/Winner’ t-shirts – Phil’s back after his working holiday around the Far East.

I suspect the amount of overt sinning in the Piccadilly Circus area will soon drop. Shame he wasn’t able to help George Michael…

Lets Score Outside?

Rumour has it George Micheal has been arrested with Class C drugs in central London…..

apparently he was found slumped over the steering wheel of a car, just caught a glimpse of this on the BBC News at 10, although as of yet nothing is on their site so not entirely sure what the story is but must admit one is highly intrigued…..


Five people, one ten minute Journey.

Number 7 bus – £7.50
Hackney Cab – £6.50

what do you choose?

Love Ulster Parade.

There is riots in Dublin today as the Love Ulster Parade took Place. Metroblogging Dublin has been covering this unfortunate Event.

It’s Millar Time this summer

Finally allowed to cycle for a Pro Tour team this year and of course looking forward to next summer with the Tour in London, David Millar will roll out for the Sunier Duval Team. Not everyone has forgiven him for his drugs admission a couple of years ago.

Bradley Wiggins awaits at the start line racing ironically for David’s old team Cofidis.

Good luck David.

The picture is courtesy of PezCycleNews

National Pubs Week


We’ve been remiss for not mentioning this until now…

According to the dignified organisation, The Campaign For Real Ale, it’s actually the middle of National Pubs Week.

Unhappily, many of their established events seem to be outside of the London environs, but there’s certainly no harm in a little independent work.

Hell, I’m off to get pissed now…

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