Haruki Murakami

From an otherwise bland AP article on Murakami – I love the idea of a Murakami translator convention…

Japanese writer Haruki Murakami has been translated into three dozen languages, had cafes across continents named after his novels and even inspired a cocktail spiked with cannabis at a Moscow bar….

In an attempt to understand the sensation, translators of his work from 13 countries — although not the hermetic novelist himself — gathered in Tokyo this weekend, proof that Murakami transcends national cultures.

My favourite piece of praise for Murakami was from William Gibson. He was doing a Q&A in London for Pattern Recognition, and someone asked him who he was reading right now. Gibson, smilingly, responded that he was becoming obsessed with Haruki Murakami, who was actually doing a reading in London that night. He further pointed out that, if he weren’t contracted into his own reading, he’d be there right now.

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