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Asia House

Another private club to pop up over the past few months is Asia House. Met up with some friends yesterday for a pre-launch lunch in their cafe making us the only ones in the place. The remit of this beautiful venue is to celebrate all things Asian, and it’s events are open to members and non-members alike. I’ve heard that the membership fee is not soooo steep, so if you’re looking for a place to kick back but don’t have any of daddy’s money, this might be your ticket.

Pris Pris

CU%20Francoisjpg.jpgFran├žois Gamaury’s new band Pris played their opening gig at The Old Blue Last on Saturday night. I was there to groove to his retro 80s beat, drink beers and join his entourage for one brief and shining moment (being the only one with a mobile camera willing to elbow my way passed the screaming girls and up to the front).

The venue struggled to contain the crowd, so things got a bit hot and sweaty, but maybe that’s the point. People did strip off, a couple of girls swooned, and there was some funky dancing going on around there.

Check out Fran├žois’ music here, and I’ll try to be organized enough to announce his next gig here before it actually happens. It’s definitely well worth it.


I don’t know why there was a giant pigeon next to my local Tesco the other day, but there was. He seemed to be scaring the tourists, so I guess it was OK.

Open Studios

This weekend over one hundred artists, designers and crafts people will be opening thier studios to the general public.

Great Western Studios will be opening Today and Tommorow – (20th-21st) for what they promise to be a friendly and inspirational weekend.


Based in the previously redundant railway warehouses are an assortment of Interior Designers, Costume makers, printers, sculptors Painter and Jewellers… the list goes on, all open for this one weekend.


World’s biggest passenger airliner lands in London


I love to fly–I will give up any carbon-producing activity, except breathing to keep air travel.

I’m hoping that the fuel efficiency, and pure masses of people moving power, of this beast could slightly reduce the impact of getting me off the ground.

Plus, big stuff is cool.

Photos at the BBC

Jan’s the man

So Arsenal didn’t do it, ah well another year maybe? Right now I’m just chuffed that the old guard is hanging in there as big Jan Ullrich roars back into the best form of the past three years in todays stage of the Tour of Italy, better known as Il Giro.

I hope that he wins the Tour De France this year and comes to London next year when the Tour kicks of in central London.

I can’t for one wait. Cheers Jan

I Love the Football

But, I don’t watch it. When the football’s on, the two Swedes in my flat perform a mass exodus to the pub. Ahhh…I am alone. I love the football.

Five Years.

On the 2nd June 2006, one man will have been sitting protest in Parliment Square for FIVE YEARS.

Brian Haw has been protesting against UK and US government policy towards Iraq since 2 June 2001 – from economic sanctions and the continued bombing of Iraq to the ‘war on terror’ and invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq – all policies in which the civilians population has suffered enormously.

This is a rather nice website documenting the five years that brian has sat outside parliment. He’s been there now for so long, that he’s become listed in Time out and nominated for a human rights award.

He’ll stay there ‘as long as it takes’, and personally I think that his conviction and dedication to what he thinks is inspiring.

Effing this and Effing that

“I asked you a civilized question: where’s your f*%$ing manager.” Hardly civilized in my opinion. I am not a prude when it comes to language. The f-word comes out of my mouth very naturally. But, not within the earshot of children. Children tend to repeat swear words more than not…and it’s usually in front of their nan. I implore you, random man in Covent Garden Market, do not come into my neighborhood screaming “effing this” and “effing that” in front of the children. It is seriously bad form. Oh, and try not to litter either. My taxes are high enough.

Michelle Scoops the Apprentice

While I can’t imagine why anyone would want to work in business, I was well pleased when Michelle Dewberry won BBC’s The Apprentice tonight. I loved the swearing, the fact that she supports her brothers and that she came from nothing and was making a 6 figure income before even coming on the show. She’s actually going to take a pay cut to work with Sir Alan Sugar.

I have been watching the show with PJ since the beginning, but I usually watch half of it with my hands over my face to protect myself from the horror. It’s amazingly compelling Reality TV. If it’s here to stay, this is what is should look like.

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