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Curb Crawling in East London …

Whilst at the Furies Gig….

Nipped across the road for a pizza. Pinkie was happily tucking into her 3 topping 7incher(you only get 2 toppings in Ladbroke Grove) when… all of a sudden

My boyfriend was approached by a man… I didnt quite catch what he said, but was informed it was a ‘private conversation’ by the fellow….. , hmmm ok..


its seems Mr Business Man was looking for a young Lady to entertain. When informed that Lover was not a Pimp.. and yours truely not a Lady of the Night ( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) he darted unashamedly across the road and posed for photos! not before informing us both is was all about the chicks.. yeah mate

too funny…

Old Street



Beat the BBQ ban

Inspired by the comment on my previous post about barbequeing, “Do you know of any parks in London that do actually allow BBQ-ing?” I have been on a search for this holiest of charcoaly grail.

News that the Royal parks have recently banned BBQs set me off on a search for BBQ-friendly parks. Calls to Hackney and Camden boroughs, my closest, followed by Westminster and farther afield, confirm my worst nightmare: commenter CEM you are right, THERE ARE NO PARKS IN LONDON THAT ALLOW BBQS.

This is an absolute travesty. No wonder you still see people barbequeing happily at parks all over London (Clapham Common, anyone?) It goes against everything I believe in!

It may be that Barbecue Yobs Burn Down Queen’s Ancient Oak, but if we stop doing things because yobs wreck them, we won’t be doing much anymore.

I am openly promoting civil disobediance of this rule. To the fire pits!

Welcome To Furie Land

Tonight in Shoreditch – The Furies :D

The Furies are:

“Hidden in a secret underground lair, deep beneath the busy streets of darkest Hackney (a bit like Dangermouse, or Batman, or something) lies Rocknroll’s greatest secret. . . Yes, you guessed it, it’s The Furies. Brought together by a strange (and unrelatable in the sadly limited context of this biography page) series of coincidences, this international (Anglo-Indio-Italio-Franco/Scot) four piece found themselves, during the long hot London summer of 2004, inexorably drawn, by unseen forces, into a shared and inescapable destiny. . .”- Furies Website


Wednesday 28th June
The Spreadeagle
Corner of Kingsland Rd and Old St
Shoreditch, London
Doors open: 7pm
On Stage: 9.30(ish)
Entry: £3

Me and Lover will be there.. would be nice to see you too!!!


Picture By kamiljanowski Myspace Page

Battesea Park Road

I wonder

—————– Bulletin Message —————–
From: Joshua*
Date: Jun 28, 2006 12:40 PM

I heard that the road is to be renamed as “Battersea High Street” (replacing the existing Battersea High Street). Does anyone know if this is true??

maybe someone here will know…..

London Land Grab

This London-based charity has stumbled on a neat way to fundraise. Buy a virtual piece of London using google maps API – a nice not-for-profit take on the million dollar homepage?

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Platform Crush

Excellent new dating site, which launched today, but could be the next Soulmates…

Type in your daily route and see if someone’s crushing on you, or, better yet, search for others. So far, over 1000 years, even though it’s only started this morning!

Really feeds off of the British mentality of being unable to talk to people on public transport…


StreetWars, a 3 week long watergun assassination tournament is coming to london, where basically, complete strangers across london sign up to hunt and be hunted by each other, 24/7 for three weeks. utterly insane? yes. but also awesome.

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The Sewage Olympics

The quaintly named Bromley-by-Bow tube station sounds like it should be the perfect starting point for a scenic walking tour. However, as you exit the station, unceremoniously deposited alongside the A12, the charm wears off quickly.

But don’t despair. A quick walk through the urine-scented subway and past the Tesco car park, and finally you arrive at the official start of your walk — a walk which will take you along polluted riverways, past scrap yards and broken-windowed factories and underneath the sewage pipes that transport most of greater London’s human waste.

Welcome to the Borough of Newham’s newest tourist attraction. Welcome to the home of the 2012 London Olympics.

On this day in London

two years ago –

**On the first anniversary of its formation, The Westminster Collection (TWC), an exclusive consortium of venues within the London Area

**Justine Henin-Hardenne targets the one Grand Slam title to elude her

**Easyjet founder Stelios Haji-Ioannou and retail tycoon Philip Green are knighted in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

**The Health Protection Agency says 449 people have been struck down with measles in England and Wales so far this year.

**Fans at the Isle of Wight festival are offered a chance to watch England’s opening World Cup match.

**Australian firm Multiplex will pursue UK steelworker Cleveland Bridge for damages after a dispute over work on Wembley Stadium.

**Metroblogging London is Born…….

Like last year I’d like to thank our loyal and newer readers, our wonderful readers past and present and toast to the day ( and what a day C’MON ENGLAND’) and another prosperous yearfor this site and all our sister sites celebrating their first and second birthdays this week!!!!

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