On a knife edge?

Maybe its the press, maybe its just me getting older and more aware of myself. Last week someone shouted the foulest abuse at a woman down the other end of the train carriage (what triggered it I don’t know) the abuse was over the top and in all likelihood totally out of proportion to whatever might have happened. The voice was young and a woman’s, no sorry a girls. Later on last week coming back from work on my bike coming up a road near by flat I noticed a group of teenagers. As I got closer a girl casually started to walk out into the street trying to look cute and running her fingers through her hair. It dawned on me, as her friends looked on, that she was trying to making me swerve or even fall off. I almost brushed her as I passed by and said something alog the lines of ‘fucking funny’ , yet as I got home I wondered why did she do it and how many of her friends were carrying knives?

Last month Lidl stopped a promotion on divers’ knives. LIDL! Who the hell shops there and thinks , you know I think I’ll get some cheap food and er….. oh yes I know a frigging knife for prying open shells on the seabed!

I just read a man was killed ‘stabbed’ after an argument over 40p.

Good night


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