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Europes Largest Crane Auction


Frog, Mean Fiddler with Boy Kill Boy

Saturday Night I ended up going to Frog at the Mean Fiddler in the center of town. I’m not particularly fond of going to places like this on a Saturday Night. You seem to get the usual Weekenders going to these place, which makes the evening not nearly as fun as it should be. There’s an absorbent amount of 20 somethings that are desperately looking to find some cute indie girl/boy to talk to. As an innocent bystander, I was grateful for such a sideshow of alcohol fueled men trying to find their solute amidst a haze of Carling and cigarette smoke.
The DJ sets were very good. It’s a pretty decent mix of new alternative and indie rock n roll. Obviously, it’s mostly mainstream hits that you would hear by tuning into an Indie Station, Xfm or by reading through the latest NME. I have no problems with that. There were plenty of good tunes to keep my spirits high. I’ve been particularly fond of the single by The Rapture. I’m not particularly a good dancer. I try to stay away from dancing at places like that, because it’s over run by the men that I’ve spoken about earlier. I should really watch what I say, I’m sure I’ve been there before.

Just Like a Homeless Person

Having snoozed in a hallway in Kensington on friday night after a particularly good party-in-a-pub, I got up at the ridiculous hour of 7.15am and rushed back to Brixton. Being still the wrong (or right) side of sober I starting making demented proactive plans to clean my flat, practice my Japanese and take care of some dull freelance work. It wasn’t long before i realised I wasn’t going to do any of these things; but I did use the last of my strength to stagger to wonderful Brockwell Park, where I slept like a (grimey, alcoholic) baby for 4 hours. Rarely have i felt so good to be not-very alive.

Jews Walk


Yes, as a matter of fact, we do. Uncannily, that is precisely what I was doing when I came across this street near Forest Hill. (And there was also that whole 40-years in the desert thing, now that I think of it.)

They just don’t name streets like they used to.

Hosepipe ban? Drought? Not here

Went to Anakana near old street for lunch couple of weeks ago

Where am I?

Ok so Ive been making them a little easier – so this time its a little blurry – Where am I?


Congestion in Shepards Bush

080706%20165.jpg Is absolutely ridiculous – I took this photo at 12.45ish on a thursday lunchtime having spent 10-25 minutes sitting on the roundabout in a bloody hot bus. Blarghhhhhhhh.

It seems all the fuss was due the this lane being closed, and the fact that when there is traffic everybodt forgets that you are not allowed in the yellow box unless the road ahead is clear. Damn drivers. Damn buses. Damn everything…

I only wanted to get to the shops.

Pedalling Drugs

I’ve been profoundly depressed by the Floyd Landis test result. Sure thing, riders have been doing since the start of the tour such was the ordeal they were expected to undertake back then. Now however there can be no such excuses as riders have long since stopped being miners escaping the hell of the pits to ride the tour.

I hope his ‘B’ sample is clean, but I fear not. Will this put some off cycling? Maybe, but I hope it doesn’t.


Charities and black cabs

Two things from last night.

I was with some friends enjoying some lager in Covent garden. We were in the pub until last orders. We were all saying our goodbyes standing outside the pub and a fellow walked into our midst. He had one of those plastic goblets thingys for gathering change and he did have photo id. He was collecting money for a Leukemia charity. Someone with us did give him some money; I was a bit put off by the way he just barged in amongst our conversation and actually he had a something of a distressed look about him almost desperate this gave me some pause. I did wonder how does this work; collecting money for a charity at 11:30 at night? What sort of guidelines and regulations might there be on this? I really don’t know. Can one be collecting money for charity at anytime of night? I do give money to charities; I happen to do it usually via direct debit.

It was a very pleasant night after the sprinkling of rain earlier in the evening; the air was definitely bit fresher. We talked about walking from Covent Garden to Kensington; we started off on our on our trek; there was three of us now; I started to feel really knackered. It had been a long day and we ended up hopping into a black cab near Trafalgar square. It was a democratic vote of 2 to 1 to get a cab.

The cab had a television in it. I had seen this once before in black cab but I did not try it; this time the TV screen was on already as we entered the cab; there is a flat screen in the panel of the passenger section of the cab behind the driver. There is a volume and channel control on the left and right side by the side windows. We started watching some CNBC but that was far to boring at this time of night; we then opted to watch some BBC classic comedy. There was a loop of “Only Fools and Horses” and then a Monty Python sketch; the one about village idiots. We talked more about the concept of TV in cab then watching it. There was a quite as bit of advertising for buying BBC DVD’s and branding going on in the segments.

Technology is eveywhere! Is this the future in action?


Colin and Me

So don’t ask me what I had to do for them, but managed to get tickets to the Miami Vice premiere last night. I submit for your viewing pleasure Michael Mann and Gong Li:


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