Colin and Me

So don’t ask me what I had to do for them, but managed to get tickets to the Miami Vice premiere last night. I submit for your viewing pleasure Michael Mann and Gong Li:


and from left to right, Michael, Colin and Jamie:


I know, I know…get a better effing camera! But I quite like the quality of these photos. There’s something real about them in an otherwise surreal occasion.

The film was strange and not at all what I expected…quite commercial, lacking in the overblown machismo that is indicative of a Mann film (although there was machismo exhibited in both male and female characters). The acting was superb, the music was amazing, and it was quite beautifully shot on digital format, which Mann has been toying with for a while.

But I know you really want to know about the red carpet stuff. Firstly, it was a blue carpet. And all of us common people had to go in first before the stars. There was a bank of paps and regular photographers that you pass to get to the door, but they weren’t snapping as I walked by. Security people ushered us through the gauntlet fast…everything is on a schedule. In the cinema, there are reporters squatting in front of laptops blogging as the event unfolds. We got free sweet popcorn and a bottle of water. And they broadcast the blue carpet star stuff in the cinema while we waited. Nicky from Big Bro was there, Samuel L. Jackson, MTV’s Totally Boyband and Chablis…Casis…um…Caprice. She has amazing legs, but SL said her hair was a bit fake looking. Of course, I was there to see Michael, Gong, Jamie and Colin.

They strutted right by me as I fumbled with my phone. Everybody stood up on the stage while Michael gave a 2 minute speech. Then they left. I’d heard that’s what they do. And, who’s to blame them? Are they going to watch the film at every premiere they go to? That would be…well…weird. Naomie Harris actually did stay. I saw her after, and you can see rather blurry pics of her on my blog.

After, I lingered on the walkway, which was still closed off to Joe public. People were screaming all around me, and I thought for a minute that I might be accidently standing next to Colin. But then I realized that it was just Nicky again. You cannot imagine how many teenaged girls were screaming and running after her and saying “oh she’s adorable.” I was just wondering if it’s really healthy to have her as their role model. She’s really skinny. She kind of looks like an alien because she has a woman’s head on the body of a 7-year old. Maybe I’m just jealous.

I was a bit drunk from the heat and all the celebrity. Popped into my local Tesco in Covent Garden to cool down and buy 2 for 1 apple turnovers and to step back into reality. Ahhhh. What a night!

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