Frog, Mean Fiddler with Boy Kill Boy

Saturday Night I ended up going to Frog at the Mean Fiddler in the center of town. I’m not particularly fond of going to places like this on a Saturday Night. You seem to get the usual Weekenders going to these place, which makes the evening not nearly as fun as it should be. There’s an absorbent amount of 20 somethings that are desperately looking to find some cute indie girl/boy to talk to. As an innocent bystander, I was grateful for such a sideshow of alcohol fueled men trying to find their solute amidst a haze of Carling and cigarette smoke.
The DJ sets were very good. It’s a pretty decent mix of new alternative and indie rock n roll. Obviously, it’s mostly mainstream hits that you would hear by tuning into an Indie Station, Xfm or by reading through the latest NME. I have no problems with that. There were plenty of good tunes to keep my spirits high. I’ve been particularly fond of the single by The Rapture. I’m not particularly a good dancer. I try to stay away from dancing at places like that, because it’s over run by the men that I’ve spoken about earlier. I should really watch what I say, I’m sure I’ve been there before.

It’s an interesting point. I’m in my early twenties. Before I lived in London, I grew up in the Midwest of the United States. I spent a majority of my later years, going to the clubs and bars all over town. I’m not really a socialite, but I’ve been around the block. There’s a very distinct difference between the way that people dance here, and people dance in America. I’m not really sure if either of them are right. It’s a pretty distinct difference though. I’ve been hanging out with some fellow Americans lately. Whenever we go out to dance, it’s been a weird situation. They are used to the old school of dancing in America. The sort of, grinding and rubbing up against each other. It’s not really dancing, at all. Just a lot of hormones at work. I’m not a really big fan of it. Luckily, my friends found out that it’s not like that at the sort of places I tend to go to in London. Luckily, it’s different there. I’m not really sure if it’s that much better. I don’t know if there’s that sense of rhythm. Perhaps, it’s just us as a society, there aren’t that many of us that are good dancers. Perhaps, we think we are but we are not? The one thing that I do love, is that it doesn’t stop people from dancing. That’s the best part.
Around 1 in the morning, Boy Kill Boy came on to do a set. I’m not sure if anyone knows who Boy Kill Boy is. They have a few songs that are on the radio. Their set was pretty fluid. It seems as though they write anthem after anthem in an attempt to gain some sort of status in the genre similar to The Killers. A few of their songs were pretty good, but most of it was just too predictable. They were also missing a lot of energy. I just couldn’t get into any of their songs. I left during the final part of their set.
For such a long queue waiting to get into this place, I was expected a better night. It appears that it’s a place where a lot of people go to be seen. I’m not sure if it’s the right place to be seen at. If there was a better band playing, it would have definitely been a good time mixed with the Dj sets. I could have done without all the romancing that was going on around me. I went with a few female companions, and I must have had to stop about even five minutes, to rescue them from some anxious and willing male socialites. I’ll give it another try soon. The atmosphere was overall really great, aside from the overwhelming hormones. After, it did work both ways. There were people coming up to me too. However, I might have gained more rock n roll points if i was wearing my boy shorts.

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