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Golbourne in the Sun


Tip Off !!!!

Got a good Tip off on the story suggestion link this morning – The Honey Toungues are playing at the Hope and Anchor Tonight and apparently they are rather good!

“I saw this band the other week, at some dingy little pub in the west end. As soon as they came on i noticed the usual wanna be rock n rollers look they had, which kinda put me off and the first song didnt do much to change this attitude. But somewhere between my third pint and what was probably the third song, I noticed the amount of people up and shaking to the music – i thoroughly enjoyed seeing these lads enjoying their music and playing with such vigour. …………….”
“I found myself sitting back and listening,They’re playing tommorrow night i believe in the hope and anchor in Islington. I’ve never been there however, so I cannot comment on the venue. “

Thanks to Mr Anonymous for the Tip, having listened to the Bands tracks Im personally hoping to get down there…

The Hope & Anchor
207 Upper St

When the Temperature Rises…..

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been noticing the best trend of the summer for men’s fashion. Luckily, I’ve been spared seeing it on the general population, but I myself caved in and joined last week. I’ve noticed in my neck of the woods, a booming population of 20 to 30 something metrosexual men, who are wearing these really short shorts with a tank or t shirt. At first, I thought it was ludicrous and a bit disgusting, but I thought about it again. I used to cringe at pictures of my relatives in the 70s with those shorts on, and tight pastel polos. Keeping the polos aside, I do quite enjoy the short shorts. It keeps you a hell of a lot cooler. Mind you, I don’t reccomend men with hairy hairy legs or pasty white legs to try this, but if you think you can pull it off, go for it. I actually went to American Apparel a few days ago, and picked myself up a pair of green short shorts. There’s no better way to beat the London heat. Wednesday morning, returning from the walk in the park, I got a nod of approval from some of the locals. Either that, or it was a look of amazement. Either way, I’ll spare you pictures.

How Not To Lose Your Plant Pot!!


At Last the Rain!!!


Finally we get some rain to break the heat!! Not that Im complaining, the weather has ben absolutely stunning over Londonthe last few weeks, Ive spent an awful lot of time outdoors – which is not like me, Im a creature of technology. But teamed with the wonderful 2 month College break, the sun is truely converting me into a outdoor sun worshipper… and now rain dancer too.

Enjoy the relief!!

Where am I?


A little bit of the End in the West.

080706%20136.jpg Found the cycling cabbie guys outside Ladbroke Grove Tube on Friday night.

The Manor must be really up and coming these days to bring this kind of thing down our end. We (me and Lover)first saw one of them further up the road at Sainsburys and wondered at how much it had cost the person to get them to come so far out of the West End. We Estimated it at at least 40 odd Quid – obviously not when we saw the gang outside the tube!

What with the influx of trendy Gastro Pubs and Increasingly high property prices the Portobello Road/Notting Hill Area really does seem to be getting more and more touristy…

However there is a difference -When he wondered how much one would cost to get home – I said we should get in and knock it!! I mean thats exactly what going to happen everyday if they trade around here…

Express Holiday Inn


Who in the name of Christ stays in them? I saw one with a banner up saying “special offer – £92 a night”, which strikes me as being insanely expensive. What do you get for your money apart from a trouser press and a continental breakfast? If I was fleeing from the law and I had just irredeemably dishonoured my family then i suppose i might crawl into a holiday inn room to die, but until that happens I’m staying well away.

Anyone who has been to one and can shed any light?

For an extra £30 I’m pretty sure you can get a room in the Ritz. I just don’t get it. Unless there is a growing class of downwardly mobile Alan Partridges in London?

My Version of Hell

Does anyone else live near a Caffe Nero (or the like)? I’ve been spending a horrific amount of time in the one across the street from where I live because I’ve moved to a new flat and my broadband hasn’t been connected yet (a rant for another time). There is a nice open wi-fi connection there where I can work.

What I’m wondering is: Is it just mine (Lordship Lane, East Dulwich) or do they all basically serve as mums-and-screaming babies clubs during the day? It is truly unbelievable. They just converge every day and take the place over. Today, I counted six screaming kids at once. And because they have a critical mass, the mothers just go on as if everything is normal — chatting about breast feeding and rashes. Why is it acceptable to let kids scream in this particular public place, when it wouldn’t be tolerated in most other settings? Parents obviously know that you can’t take your kids just anywhere, like, say, the opera. But who decides where is acceptable and where is not? I need to speak to them.

Lunch at the Station

080706%20129.jpg Recently hada fabulous Lunch at the Station. Its always been one of my favourite Pubs for taking my Mum to – being that she pays and its bloody expensive, but the Food is to die for. Picture on the right is one of the fixed menu dishes, Lamb Kebab, houmous, Pitta Bread and Salad, its a big enough feed but light enough for the current Climate!

The biggest draw of the Station, no matter how good the food is, is ultimatley the garden. its twice the size of the pub and its undergone a overhaul quite recently due to the new houses next door. its huge, its green amd it has fairy lights. its a little peice of heaven in the middle of Laitmer Road.

One drawback, the Chrysalis Crowd – don’t say I didnt warn you.

The Station Tavern
Bramley Road
London W11

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