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Mexican food in London

I was out with some friends the other night and one of guys suggested we go to Mexican restaurant; he was saying it is fantastic. So, we all piled up to Angel to check this place out.

I was wondering if it was a place I went to a few months before. Sure, enough it was. I grew up in Canada and the UK so I am not really an expert on Mexican food but I have been to Los Angeles and I have many knowledgeable American friends who know what Mexican food can be about and I have asked them what the real deal is.

Lending a friendly hand

Well, this post is in response to a comment Flora wrote for my Moving job markets. In that, she had asked What would you suggest, if anything, that non-Asians can do to show support of Asians in our community?

I apologise for the late reply Flora – I did spend a lot of time thinking of your question. I found, it wasn’t easy to answer. I couldn’t make a list of 10 things one could do to show one’s support of the Asians or other community folk. That was when it occured to me – maybe this is so ‘cos we do not want to be treated any different. If we are treated the same as the next bloke, that would do perfectly fine. For example, the pedestrian crossing near my office block is a death trap for me – the number of times a truck or a 4×4 has slowed down, only to speed up as I start crossing is countless. I always make sure I am standing at these things with a white person to avoid being mowed down! I’m not kidding!

There was this one memorable time in Ilford 5 years back, when I was 7 months pregnant and standing by myself at this busstop. The bus driver scanned the bus stop, saw only me and just kept on driving. I had to wait 15 mins more for the next bus, by which time couple of locals had joined me so the next one, I was sure, wouldn’t just keep going!

We do not expect any special attention or treatment just cos we are Asians – as long as we are treated like regular people, we are happy. A smile, a ‘hello’, would do wonders. Oooh, while you are at it, could we perhaps be called desi and not Asian? We have the same feeling towards that tag as you have to the label ‘European’!

Pamelia Kurstin at E:vent

Last night, I was thinking of going to check out some music in East London.

I almost did not go; I had a busy day; I was a bit bent out of shape and mentally drained.

Angel’s what?

Angel’s what?

Did anyone catch Masterchef Tuesday night (26-Sept)? Did you hear that lady going into raptures over Hardeep’s cooking and describe his
gnocchi as ‘angel’s fart’? What was that about? I think this has spoiled gnocchi forever for me! Angel or not, I will think of fart when I eat gnocchi next time – ick!

I thought the judges made the right decision by chucking Richard out. I like the bloke but he was rubbish last night. Whatever happened to Roger Black anyway – he went to absolute pieces! And Matt, dripping sweat all over the plates – double ick! I wonder if the judges knew that the food Matt served them was done with the sweat of his brow!

The Fridge

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Funny graffiti is wonderful; it actually uses it’s own vaguely depressing quality to make itself funnier.

Someone fly-tipped this fridge–my neighbourhood has a decor that balances between garbage dump and unofficial street market–and the subtlety of this markered critique tickles my brain.

The Story So Far

So, I’ve been burning the candle at both ends again. I’ve been in pre-production for mate Rob’s new horror film Mind Flesh. I’m working as the Art Director and PJ is shooting it. This is pretty much all I’ll be writing about for the next 5 weeks as I will be living, breathing, eating and shitting Mind Flesh. We’re shooting in and around Lewisham. Up until Friday, I was working full time up at the film school. On Friday night at 17.30, I went full time on the film.

Spent all of Friday night working on the schedule and budget. Spent all of Saturday shopping for props at a fab boot sale in Kilburn. You would not believe the variety of items that are sold for a pound at this place. If you are looking to kit out your flat with tat, this is the place to go.

Sushi in Central London


For those of you who are new in town, like I was once, and can’t live without the fishies on dishies, let me lay it all out for you. Here’s my guide to SUSHI IN CENTRAL LONDON.

I say Central because there AIN’T NO SUSHI in East London (prove me wrong, please! But don’t give me some “EC1” crap.) and I don’t know shit about West London (or South London, but I’m sure that goes without saying to any Londoner).

This guide is for people who, like me, like their sushi cheap, fresh and plentiful. If you can afford Nobu or whatever, you don’t need this guide. Get the Michelin or some crap.


The Arctic Monkeys are recording in a studio in Kensal Town. I was there but unfortunately as the Boy is working there I cant give out any proper details as to which studio it is…

However they are there all week and I am dropping by at lunchtimes (hehehehe) so if I actually hear anything being sung – you will be the first to know!!!!

A walk through London by night

Took part in a 17mile walk around central London last weekend to raise money for the Maggie’s centres which help people with cancer, what a walk it turned out to be.

Thai ex-PM couch-surfing in Kensington

30014243-01.jpg According to Thai media outlet The Nation, couped Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is hanging out at his daughter’s student pad in Kensington (she is doing a master’s at LSE), on Marloes Road.

Although apparently just chilling in London as a ‘private citizen’, he still gets to use the cool ‘black Mercedes with the registration number THAI 1’.

I wonder what Thais would think about their ousted PM being welcomed in style in London…Metblogs Bangkok flags an interesting survey saying that 83% approved of the coup.

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