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How well do you know your neighbour?

Yesterday I had a quick chat with my neighbour who lives in the flat below ours. We’ve said hello before and talked about the weather, the usual, but nothing more.

Now, I’ve found out with his 85th birthday fast approaching he’d grown up in France and had lost everything when the Nazis took his families property. He’s half French! The bloke downstairs fled war torn France when it was liberated. What a life he’s had.

Do you know some one whose life has been revealed through a passing chat?



Just wondered how much this would cost if it was parked in Richmond………

‘this could take a long long time…… ‘

Best rainy Thursday for swimming, ever!

londonfieldslido.jpgThe London Fields Lido is finally open! Today was the first day the public was allowed in to hit the balmy 25-degree water. Showers and changing rooms are also heated, so no excuses not to hit “Hackney’s Urban Beach”!

Opening Times (26th-29th October 2006)

Thursday 26th October and Friday 27th October 2006
8.00-9.30am – Adult Lanes
10-12.00pm – Family Swim
12.30-4.00pm – General Swim

Saturday 28th October 2006 and Sunday 29th October 2006
10.00-12.00pm – Family Swim
12.30-4.00pm – General Swim

londonfieldslido2.jpgOpening Season Introductory Prices

Non Member
Adult £3.00
Junior £1.80

Leisure Card
Adult £2.10
Junior £1.25

Leisure Card Concessionary
Adult £1.55

Allot(ment) of love


There’s news that there is now a ten-year waiting list for an allotment in some areas of London. But don’t be alarmed: in some boroughs, the waiting list can be much shorter or even non-existant!

I am attending a big Bonfire Night burn-up at a friend’s allotment in Walthamstow, and he didn’t have to wait at all to get his little piece of gardening heaven within walking distance of his house.

I am just warming up to the idea that gardening can be fun: I was able to make my first dish made from home-grown ingredients this summer (potato, rocket and chive salad) and the pride I felt was surprising! And this was from containers, not a full-blown allotment.

If you’re a novice too, there is lots of help online with your allotment dreams:

Imagine next year: chickens!

Diwali in London


There are some amazing photos on Flickr from the weekend’s celebration of Diwali.

Diwali is the start of our yearly period of fireworks all over the show, with Halloween and Bonfire Night. It’s fantasticly fun to express our strange human desire to blow stuff up and light stuff on fire, but please don’t be an idiot, have some sympathy for those of us who are trying to sleep after 11pm, don’t buy fireworks for kids, and follow the fireworks safety code!


Daredevil? Or idiot?

Went to East Ham on Saturday evening. Thought I shall pay a visit to the temple, it being Diwali and all. Then of course, one had to detour via the food shops to stock up on the Indian food items. Even as we were driving through the High Street, I was just commenting how like home it felt, driving through the streets on Diwali, with fireworks being set off on all directions.
As I was walking into the store, I could see that traffic had come to a standstill a few feet up. Reason? An enterprising idiot had kept this huge firework in the middle of the road and it was chugging one after another. Cars and buses were just waiting a good distance away from that. As if that wasn’t enough, the idiot then proceeded to pick up the thing with his bare hands and aim it at random buildings as he walked away! Of course, things only could get worse from there – and they did! One of the fireworks landed in the front lawns of a nearby house and the resident was up in arms and fists were flying soon!
Need I say it – no police was in sight? I would have thought Diwali night, there would at least be a couple of bobbies about the place. It is this whole fear of offending the minorities that gets to me. Of course, now who is going to get the flak? Not the person who caused all this ruckus – but poor bystanders like me, who has to be on the receiving end of ‘the glare’ and the cold shoulder.

October Ruminations

It has been so mild this month. I have 2 flower boxes outside my bed room window. I admit I barely pay attention to them and tend to them.


This morning I just noticed some of the flowers have bloomed again. I cannot say I have been up to much lately besides work. Well, I did go to Ireland for a weekend to visit friends but then this site is about London.

Hmm. I did go see ‘Wicked’ a few weeks at the Apollo Victoria. I thought that the play was good but acoustics at times really let things down; you could not make out what people were singing.

I am really looking forward to seeing the ‘Gotan Project’ (French Argentine Tango fusion) at the Brixton Carling Academy in Nov.

There are so many exhibits on the moment but I must stay in and get some work done this weekend; maybe if I am good; I will try to check out the art exhibit at the Battersea powerstation if I can get tickets…


Let There Be Light.

272513204_5872788fd3.jpgRecently on my post dinner walks to find chocolate and Cola Cola -down St Anns Road Ive noticed a large, industrial warehouse type building that I’ve managed to not see most of my 25 years living in this area.

Why is this significant? Its Purple, Blue, Orange, Red and last night – Lime Green.

Not the actual bricks and mortar, but the alienesque glow that eminates all around lighting up all the houses around it. Myself and the husband decided to investigate – think 11.30 at night, in the back streets of an area that is overflowing with high crime rates, building sites and abandoned cars. It was like a really bad movie with the audience screaming ” Just GO HOME – Keep walking!!!! ”

That was the week that was…

So, we had veils, the Army saying they want out and the Tories have said they’re thinking about ….. tax cuts. Yet, through all this one huge story has slipped past almost totally unnoticed. Youngs Brewery of Wandsworth is no more.

I only found out last week and feel really bad about it. First of all you just know that the brewery will be turned into designer flats and its soul lost for good. As if the area hadn’t changed enough? The company will move production to Bedford! BEDFORD!

They’d been brewing there since 1581, London’s oldest brewery. Now, we’ve got Fullers. I’m depressed, guess its time for a drink.


Walk on Water?

“Artist Michael Gross flooded a London church-turned-gallery with water. The “lake” hides a system of mechanically-moving steps that enable visitors to walk on water. The installation, titled Bridge, is up until October 29 at Dilston Grove. ” – Boing Boing

I actually heard about this at college where the teacher reckons its probably the best best thing since sliced bread…
aparently as you step on one ‘platform’ the other one will dissapear, and its all smart enough to know where your going to go next….

Something that has to be seen, I’m hoping to get down there at some point over half term – has anyone already been there yet?

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