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London’s 3rd gift to the world

London’s 3rd gift to the world

The Greasy spoon, Caff or Café. Call them what you like they have been the backbone of most Londoners’ experience of food outside the house since at least the 1940s if not earlier.
Built on a backbone of bubble & squeak, bacon, sausage, eggs, chips & beans they have defined food for so many. Even as the Starbucks, Coffee Republics, & Prêts take over more and more space there are a few gems left for us to savour as Londoners.


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Personal favourites are The New Piccadilly on Denham Street which has stood the test of time since at least the early 1950s. The décor harks back to a time when Formica was a cutting edge material and coffees were simply white, latte or a cappuccino. Skinny milk was unheard of and prices were not borderline criminal as they are today.

So, as # three in our serious of gifts to the world from London, I give you the humble caff. God bless’em.

Do you want sauce with that?


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Thank you, Allen Carr

allen_carr2.jpgLondoner Allen Carr died yesterday of lung cancer, aged 72.

Allen Carr wrote a book about how to quit smoking called Allen Carr’s Easyway to Stop Smoking. In it, he talks about seeing smoking as a burden rather than a treat, and about how quitting is a release rather than a sacrifice. For reasons not fully understood by other anti-smoking groups, his method works very well for a lot of people.

He was born in Putney, South London and his website says that the Allen Carr Clinic in London treats more than 4,500 smokers per year.

He helped countless thousands of people quit smoking, including Richard Branson, Johnny Cash and Anthony Hopkins. He also helped my beloved partner and several of my dear friends, who passed a dog-eared charity-shop copy of his book between them until they all quit. So, he helped me too.

Doctors were unable to say whether the disease was linked to his habit or his clients, who were allowed to continue smoking during their treatment. “I estimate I’ve cured 25 million smokers over the years,” Mr Carr said in a recent interview. “And if my illness is the price for that, it’s worth paying.”

What an amazing legacy.

BA Flight Radiation.

BA have been flying Jets out of Heathrow with VERY LITTLE amounts of radiation on them. its estimated that over 300,000 BA customers have been exposed to this – however there is little fear that anyone would be infected.

If you’ve been on a flight the flight numbers affected can be found here.

Although three flights have been grounded it is thought that there is little or no risk to passengers health, however it is advised to seek out your doctor or the NHS helpline

It would seem this is the latest in a string of high security stories since the Death of Alexander Litvinenko who died recently from plutonium*correction – Polonium 210* poisoning. My condolences to his friends and Family at this time.

London’s 4th gift to the world

London’s next gift to the world is the hugely popular Hyde Park. When I think of London, I think of this vast expanse of green in the heart of the city. Hyde Park has it all – long stretches of grass for one to lounge on and dream; the Serpentine if one loves the water and prefers a gentle boat ride; the jogging tracks for the fitness buffs; the Speaker’s Corner if one wants to rant and rave about whatever moves one – these are just a few of the things Hyde Park offers. But the best thing it gives a Londoner is that chance of tranquillity amidst all the chaos and madness that is London living.

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London’s 5th Gift to the World

Image044.jpgMy choice for London’s gift to the world is Kokusaiteki! As the Japanese say. Or, Internationalization. I walked down the streets of central London today, and passed 10 people before I heard English. This is a city where you can have any kind of ethnic or local food you can imagine (delivered), date any number of nationalities, and buy newspapers from around the globe right down the street from your place. It’s like a microcosm of the world. Now let’s all live together like brothers and sisters during this holiday season and beyond.

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London’s 6th gift to the world


Here’s my choice for London’s gift to the world–do check out the 7 Gifts Round-up for some very interesting takes on this theme from Metroblogging cities around the world.

The London Black Cab!

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.


Damon Albarn in the North Pole, West London.

Mate, its nice that you like to go to the pub with you friends to watch the footie, but standing up with your arms in the air when Chelsea scored and then CHECKING the pub to see who was watching is slightly Narcisstic!!!

7 gifts worldwide

The Ball started Rolling worldwide and Daivd fron Blogging LA (flagship MB) has created a running commentary of the posts across the network with a short description.

Take a look, its pretty fun and the range of gifts is unbeleivable!

more updates to follow as the days progress!!!

Major Health Risks in Greenwich

Seriously, people… for the love of God, be careful out there. Just one off-key note could land you in A&E. And don’t even get me started on the dangers of dancing. You might as well just play Russian Roulette.


grafitti.jpgCame home last night to find this bit of grafitti written out in the entrance of our block of flats. We’ve had cowboys working on the flats for the past few months. They’ve charged the good people of Stirling and Siddons Courts and the council £300,000 to do what this grafitti artist thinks is just a really bad job. They were kind of crap, really. They were supposed to weather proof all of our windows, but they never got around to my place (nor Alex’s nor Miss Cathy’s). Now they are about the take the scaffolding down, and people are staging a protest. When the time comes, ya’ll come over for the sit in and some BBQ.

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