A big X to you, Louis Walsh!

How many of you saw the X-Factor last night? I normally try to steer clear of it as Sharon and Louis get on my nerves but last night, I couldn’t escape on time. So I sat through Louis’ tripe and Sharon’s bleatings and could actually feel myself becoming sick. When Louis went ‘Simon was in America last week whilst I spent time with my acts’ for the gazillionth time, I felt like punching his teeth out. Couldn’t agree more with Simon’s ‘that was the problem – you should have been with me in America’. Look where all that mentoring got his acts – they were the ones who were at the bottom of the pile! Could all of those who are voting to keep the cheesier-than-cheese McDonalds Brothers, stop? Seriously, they are crap! Robert, IMHO, was waay better than them and poor Rob had to go last night. While we are at it, could we not have Sharon and Louis back next year please? Louis’s attitude and Sharon’s ‘divine mother’ act are seriously getting on my nerves. Neither of them have a clue about who’s the decent singer and it is getting increasingly annoying watching their double act.

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  1. Lost Boy (unregistered) on November 20th, 2006 @ 10:22 am

    Simon’s the only one who has any idea whast he’s talking about. Sharon’s as ‘real’ as her latest facelift and Louis must have some bizarre crush on Cowell, such is his contant pulling of pigtails.

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