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Harrods Goes Rock ‘n Roll

Well, well, well. Harrods is going all rock ‘n roll. Here I was thinking it was just a big, overpriced department store selling designer wear to tourists and Hollywood celebrities. Now it seems they’re keen to change their image and have launched a themed month of events devoted to the electric guitar. It’s called ‘Born to Rock’ as opposed to ‘Born to Spend’ or ‘Born to Live in the Food Hall’ which is what I’d like to do. They’ll be lots of glittery electric guitars ‘customised’ by fashion designers, a history of the electric guitar and lots of other guitary type stuff. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing all those rockers with their old, black drainpipes and their worn in Doc Martens and their bad haircuts swamping the store.


Pigeon fancier


London pigeons are the most mangled in the world. Almost every one has one or two sadly crumpled little feet.

Every time I see one I can’t help myself from checking the extent of its disability, and then I feel a terrible little pang of pity for them — injured by some unknown and uncaring assailant, hobbling around until their foot heals as best it can.

I think I may be a closet pigeon fancier!

The Public School System

In retrospect I had an idyllic childhood even though I hated school, had spots until I was nearly 40 and wore baggy clothes to hide my humongous breasts that attracted attention wherever I went. Still, I was lucky being American that I never had to go through the grueling entrance examination process that faces every 13 year old child here wanting to go to public school. All the good London schools are oversubscribed with children looking at a 1-20 chance of getting their first choice of school and parents looking at fees of £10,000/year+ for sending them there.


Save Borough Market

Borough market is London’s oldest market. It was established on the
south bank of the Thames when the Romans build the first London Bridge
and people have been trading on this site for over 2000 years. it’s a
beautiful undercover food market and a truly wonderful part of London’s

Some bright spark has decided to expand the railway line running
through the roof of the market, which will also involve knocking down
23 of the beautiful listed and unlisted buildings in the closely
surrounding area.

They already have planning permission, but are waiting funding and
there is a strong local campaign to put a stop to it.

If you know and love the market in its present state, please sign the
petition to prevent this from happening. The plans, photographs and the
petition are on the following

Unfortunately not a lot of people are aware of it so please sign it and
pass it on to anyone else you know who loves this great bit of London

Snow & More Snow

There’s nothing like a little snow to stop the traffic, the undergrounds and the entire public transport system. Today when I woke up this morning, I looked out the window and the first thing I saw were silver trees and my car buried under a 1/2″ of powdery snow. In the U.S. this wouldn’t have counted for much, but here in London, all it takes is for a few minutes of snow for everything to shut down. It didn’t last long and by the afternoon it was all gone, reduced to a slushy mess on the pavement.


H e had a idea….

So I talk a lot of rubbish in the London Group on Myspace, well I did before I got a heap of studying to do and life diminshed before my eyes. So as Myspace works, it turns out I have a whole load of London based friends with lots of unamerican bulletins ( I figure all you MS heads get what I mean!).
This though I found particularly interesting.

Hello Everyone,

I have been mulling over an idea for some months now and have finally decided to go for it. The idea is that I will receive donations towards my first property. However, there is incentive for you to donate……

The property will be a two bedroom apartment in the Battersea/Vauxhall area of London with the leading donator collecting one years rent from the second bedroom. I have approimated the rental of the second bedroom to be £500 per month, this will give the leading donator a return of approximately £6000 from a donation that could be as little as a pound (however, you are not likely to win as the leading donator!). Another option open to the leading donator is to have the entire rental income forwarded to a charity of their choice.

A Paypal account has been set up for the quest. All donations, no matter how small, are most welcome :)

My dedicated Myspace profile outline’s my quest in more detail:
Myspace profile

Here is my dedicated Blogger:
Blogger page

Kind regards,

Email –
Let’s put the power of blogging to the test!

My fingers are crossed, I hope it works! I think Josh’s Idea is original and intelligent, from previous bulletins I know all he actually wants is to get on the housing market.

I will return with updates!!!

BBC Weather Forecast

You have simply got to love the BBC weather forecasts. This was the symbol for today and tomorrow. I love how they hedge their bets: Let’s see… erm… there will probably be some sun… oh yeah, and also some clouds…. hmmm, and maybe a spot of rain…. and… what else… oh, I know… SNOW. Yep, that pretty much covers all our bases!

Thanks. Now I know exactly what to wear.

Kinky London

I feel it’s my responsibility as the erotic authoress to convey a bit of the ‘darker’ side of London life for those who think we’re just all about Beefeaters and overpriced public transport and street markets. Today I received in the post my fetish guide to London and so I was reminded of all the wild and wonderful places in the city there are to go if you’re into the kinky and alternative. From the cavernous Chariots Sauna , the biggest gay pick-up joint near Old Street to the delightful Starkers, the UK’s only nude disco, there really is something in this town to suit all fantasies and persuasions. It’s part of the reason why I love living here so much. It’s pretty much the norm in London to be a little bit on the kinky side.

In Search of a Good Sandwich

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Earl’s on Endel St. has the best sandwich in Covent Garden. Not only are they good, but they are cheap. The problem with Earl’s, however, is that it closes at 4 p.m., and it’s closed full stop on Sundays. So, in my ever desperate search for a good sandwich when Earl’s is not an option, I have opted for Harry Brown on New Row. The London Guide to Food has given them their Sandwich of the Year award. You might find these a bit more expensive (£4.95 for most sandwiches), but they are big proper sandwiches, which, eaten at the right time of day, can suffice for two meals. And, that’s all I have to say about sandwiches.

Cleaning Churchill

I started a new job working in Westminster. It’s only my second week, but already non-stop entertainment. Like last week on my way home, I had to elbow my way through a crowd of thousands of singing homophobes. Or the other morning, when I got off the Tube, there was this guy washing the graffiti off of Churchill. Very important to get that done before the tourists start queing at Westminster Abbey!

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