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Tea Time for Ulcers

Having a home office can sometimes be a drag. Been working from home all day. I haven’t actually left the house. I’m not sure if that’s only a tad bit insane. In any case, what can I write about if I haven’t left the house?

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Letter bomb update

miles.jpgA 27-year-old school caretaker has been arrested for the spate of letter bombings that I posted about earlier.

Is it wrong to say: Duh, look at the photo (age 16, but still). (Also, school caretaker!)

Photo from the Guardian story

The Great Bank Rip-Off

Now that Big Brother seems just a distant memory and the Oscars are over, London needs a new talking point. This week the newspapers have united in exposing the scam that is excessive overdraft and bank charges. As someone who has lived off her overdraft for more years than I care to think about (like the rest of the UK population), I know all about bank charges. I’m used to seeing £40 come out of my account every few months for spending £100 over what has been agreed. I also remember a phone call I had from my bank (First Direct) offering to refund my bank and credit card charges, remove my annual fee for keeping an overdraft and decrease the interest on my account. ‘Is it my birthday?’ I asked, after I heard this happy news.

‘No,’ the bank man replied. ‘You’ve been a loyal customer and we just wanted to give you something back for sticking with us for so long.

‘Wow,’ I said. ‘That’s the best news I’ve had all day.’ And it really was.

Dude, where’s my freedom?

So, I’ve been standing in a queue outside the American Embassy for the past 45 minutes, and I’m freezing, and there are thirty people ahead of me in the queue. I’ve already successfully passed through the first check point where the guard makes a joke about how the service I require is not available today, ha ha, only kidding. I cannot joke, however, because they might point a gun at my head and lead me to a special room where they do the strip search and stick rubber clad fingers up my bum. Those of us who are not in power are no longer free to joke.

Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of fags….

It would seem I am not the only one dreading the ever impending Smoking Ban(July 1st).

Tom over in Berlin is sick and tired of the non smokers dictating where it is ok to smoke – Hilarious, I am thinking of moving to Berlin!!!

The Big C in K&C

Its claimed that 70% of the Royal Boroughs Residents appealed against the West London Extension Route – hence mass protestation throughout K&C this afternoon.

However I wonder how many of these residents made such a startling discovery as my Boyfriend. It took him FIFTEEN MINUTES to get from Ladbroke Grove to Victoria this afternoon. thats a general 45 minutes minimum trip on the Bus.

If we had a car…. that would be FIVE MINUTES…. due the the fact we would also get the 90% discount….

Strangly I feel quite priveledged all of a sudden.

Time to get a bike?

I know tomorrow’s a big day for the West of London, but from where I’m sitting its great. How long will it be before it heads south beyond the tiny bit of London south of the Thames it already covers I guess only Ken knows.

I can’t wait to read the ES and Daily Mail, both full of such self righteous indignation.


Image courtesy of the BBC website.

Valentine’s Day and All That

It seems the UK has finally fallen for what I common refer to as ‘Hallmark Day.’ Once, like Halloween, Valentine’s was a fairly insignificant day in the British social calendar. Now all the major retailers have gotten in on the act, although in their defence, this must be the first time I can remember where one could pick up a red rose in Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s and not spend an arm and a leg. For all those at a loose end, there are a few last minute tickets still available for the Whoopee Club’s Valentine’s Day Party. An evening of burlesque, cabaret and comedy at the Cobden Club. It should be really good fun.

Jolly Darwin Day


Today is Darwin Day — a non-religious holiday to celebrate science and humanity.

February 13 is the birthday of Darwin (and Lincoln) and I love the way the Darwin Day organisers encourage us : “Let’s have some Lincoln-Darwin Celebrations”!

It’s a perfect Londoner’s holiday: Darwin has strong connections with London and this is a holiday that all of the varied cultures and religions of London can enjoy.

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