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Spring is Here and So is the Rain

I’m sitting at my desk, looking out my window and it’s sunny. Bizarrely, on the first day of Spring, it actually felt like… Spring. This is unusual because, as anyone who has lived in London will tell you, most days feel like Winter, Spring, occasionally Summer and Autumn. Weather reports here are laughable for how they manage to cram rain, snow, sun and fog into one day’s forecast. I know global warming is fact when we have a whole day of sun and not the usual mish-mash of seasons. Nevertheless, I am cheered by the fact that this weekend looks like it’s going to be nothing but rain. This makes sense. After working all week, looking out at one sunny day after another and not being able to enjoy any of it, it just wouldn’t be London if it carried on being sunny through the weekend. A rainy weekend is what makes London so special so don’t forget your brollies when you go out.

Save Battersea Power Station

Battersea Power Station’s future remains in doubt as the fantastic hulk of the art-deco building itself remains in sorry dereliction.
Yesterday, the Guardian reported that the new owners of the £400m prime 36+ acre riverside site, Treasury Holdings, had scrapped development plans approved by Wandsworth Council in November last year and speculated whether London might be about to lose the four iconic chimneys altogether to yet another bland, luxury, residential development if the Power Station is allowed to further deteriorate beyond the realms of renovation.

Wandsworth Council and previous owners, Parkview, refused to even consider an alternative report by a team of three companies of concrete experts brought together by the World Monuments Fund & Twentieth Century Society, who have revealed that the chimneys can be repaired for half the cost of demolition and rebuilding.

The independent report also revealed there is no sign of structural distress in the chimneys. When Parkview bought the site thirteen years ago, they promised to restore it, but instead sat on it and did nothing, merely hanging onto it as property speculators. They pushed through planning permission to demolish the chimneys, full of promises to restore the building, but instead immediately flogged it for a £240m profit, since the value of the site had increased hugely as a result of planning permission to demolish the chimneys. Profit not renovation was evidently their aim.

Sign the government petition here.

The Guardian article can be read here.

Thanks to hedgiecc

State of the Union

I’m already unimpressed as PJ has told me Hamburger Union is “just OK.” Why I agree to go, I cannot say, but go I do.

Kirmann Trip

kirmann.jpgThanks to all of the LMB crowd who came out to see Kirmann on Tuesday night at the Pool Bar. Different this night was the presence of Henrik of Zeitguised doing a live animation set.

Kirmann’s music is just so amazingly surreal and trippy. I’ve written before about how the music invites your imagination to open up thus allowing you to time trip through the memories of your life…spooky almost, but in a good way. Increasingly, I’ve begun to notice some elements of free form Jazz in his stuff. Kirmann played a few new tracks, which will be up on his myspace page soon.

Eclectic director Patrick Jackson has created a music video for Kirmann’s track “Liza.” Leaked information reveals that the video will be premiering on Kirmann’s myspace in a few days. Watch this space for details. The video was shot in Libya and Sweden on super 8 and miniDV.

In another collaboration between the two, Kirmann is scoring Jackson’s short film “Toasted” to be released in the Spring. This from the producer: “We’ll probably release it in April…because April is the cruelest month, and this is a cruel little film.”

Kirmann next gig at the Pool will by on the 15th of May.

I used to be a cheery soul.

I’ve been away for a long time and apologise profusely.

Right to the gripe of the day. A few days ago coming back into our great city some kids sat nearby on the train and started to play friggin’ tinny R ‘n’ B on their mobiles. What the F***?. I needed peace and a bit of respect and did I get any? Like F*** I did. Whatever happened to using earphones? Mind you theres a generation comign along with hearing problems from when walkmans really took a grips long before white took over and everyone had to have an iPod. Right, time top get my pipe and slippers.

Night all.

You’ll poke your eye out, kid

_41196702_gulliver416.jpgI really want to big up the Save Our Darts campaign, but it’s so weirdly man-centric.

The campaign is about restoring darts to its rightful place in the boozers of Britain, and the website serves up various man-based scare stats about the decline of darts, such as “39% of young men have no idea what a bullseye is worth”. Well, 39% of young men have no idea of almost anything.

Trina Gulliver, 7-time world champion for god’s sake, is relegated to the trivia page.

I love darts (and surprise, I’m a woman) so I’m all for the campaign but it needs to get wise to what lots of other sports (and ‘sports’) are realising: get the ladies on board.

Photo from the BBC


OK, I promised to be a bit better about announcing Franz Kirmann’s gigs. For a preview listen, go to his Myspace (I still cannot figure out the grammar for this: his myspace, my myspace). I love the stuff. It provokes random memories in my otherwise forgetful brain.

Franz Kirmann

20 Mar 2007, 16:30
Curtain Road Shoreditch, London, EC2
Cost : Free

Am I Really Here?

It was my mate Rich’s birthday last night, so I agreed to Fabric, and promptly thought: Jesus, I am too old for this no matter how hard the sound system rocks. Their website is quite cool, but it is no indication of what goes on down there, which is a lot of crowded, sweaty dancing (even in the VIP lounge, dahlin’) loads of male posturing, especially in the co-ed toilets and a lot of fab tunes. I was there with Yvonne, two Rock Stars, a TV Producer, a writer turned CEO of a web design company, a shit-hot designer and a shipping magnate. I really had to do a bit of a reality check. Yes, this is me. I am really here.

I just Met Al Gore


So, yes, it was a bit bizarre for a Monday lunchtime. Somehow I had been let in to this Al Gore speech at the London Film School. He was there to launch his new TV venture in the UK: Current TV. There were no more than 100 of us, and I thought, people would probably pay big money for this seat. I called the Guardian to see if they would let me do an exlusive, but there was already one of their guys there. Damn. Then there were the sexy lettuce girls protesting outside of the school, which was even more bizarre as they were nearly naked. “Put some clothes on, girl,” I shouted. “It’s the man who should have been king”

Before the speech, I sneaked up to where Gore and his entourage and the Governors of the school were snacking. Insinuating myself into the receiving line, I stuck out my hand. This is it…this is the moment when you get to speak to a man who was the 2nd most powerful man in the world. Say something bloody good. “Hello Mr. Gore. My name is Daneeta Saft. I’m an alumni of this school and a filmmaker based in London. I am really looking forward to your talk.” Totally Lame. I should have shouted “you were robbed.”

It was actually quite a good speech, and, it’s true what they say about him. He is funny, and he can hold a crowd. And, he actually offered us jobs…all of us. It seems that anybody with a camera and a computer can upload their factual stuff to the Current TV site and submit your stuff to audience approval. If the audience doth approve, you will get you stuff on the TV channel and get paid. Bril…generating content for no money in the hopes that it will someday bring you money is my middle name.

Oh yeah, and I think this story scoops the Guardian.

Parliament Square… WTF?

I just saw today that they are erecting these permanent looking flag/banner type thingies around Parliament Square. Seems like an awful lot of effort just to try and hide Brian Haw.

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