You’ll poke your eye out, kid

_41196702_gulliver416.jpgI really want to big up the Save Our Darts campaign, but it’s so weirdly man-centric.

The campaign is about restoring darts to its rightful place in the boozers of Britain, and the website serves up various man-based scare stats about the decline of darts, such as “39% of young men have no idea what a bullseye is worth”. Well, 39% of young men have no idea of almost anything.

Trina Gulliver, 7-time world champion for god’s sake, is relegated to the trivia page.

I love darts (and surprise, I’m a woman) so I’m all for the campaign but it needs to get wise to what lots of other sports (and ‘sports’) are realising: get the ladies on board.

Photo from the BBC

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  1. RT (unregistered) on March 22nd, 2007 @ 4:28 pm

    Ive been able to whoop my Dad and both my brothers at darts since I was about 10…. and pissed off the majority of beer bellied men in the boozers ever since…


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