Dirty Rotten Boy

89 Turns
debut live gig
The Prince in Brixton
Friday, April 6
set starts:11:30 p.m.

Electro Pop! At your age? Surely you jest.

Yes, normally I *am* the one sitting in the corner at Electro Pop parties trying to strike up a conversation with just about anyone to avoid shaking around on the dance floor. But “89 Turns” has done something to me. And, I think I like it.

89 Turns is Rich, Georgina and Pete. Georgina on vocals belts them out, and her charisma surrounds the room and sweetly but firmly invites everyone to get up off their asses and dance. Pete’s guitar feels just downright dirty, and Rich’s electro-melodies are seriously flirting with Rock and Roll.

Rich says the band like to focus on the melodies, and their number one goal is to get people up and dancing: “We didn’t want to make music and put it up online just for the sake of it. We wanted to perform live. We want to viscerally come together with an audience.”

Georgina’s lyrics are emotionally drawn and reflect the post-feminist era we find ourselves in. “Dirty Rotten Boy” reminds me of some seriously f*cked up relationships. Oh, but they were hot. I cannot wait to see what the dance crowd will do with lyrics like “Don’t dance near to me. I’ll slap your ass if you fuck with me.”

Come on down to Brixton to see 89 Turns on Friday Night.
The Prince in Brixton.
Friday, April 6
set starts:11:30 p.m.

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