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Had a fantabulous time at the Central St. Martin’s BA Fashion Show. CW scored us some tickets, and we tubed it over to York Hall in Bethnal Green. Forty students were showing their work, and it varied from “stuff I would wear if I bought new clothes” to some kind of spooky performance art and everything in between. Here are some pics I took on the mobile, so beware of the quality.


Good advice from outside the boarded-up Middlesex Hospital on Mortimer Street.


London Cyclist’s BEWARE

To all cyclists

If you cycle or are sympathetic the cycling world, please take two
minutes to read this and sign the e-gov petition – which CTC thinks is well worth doing

Your right to ride on the road is in jeopardy. The revised Highway Code says cyclists should “use cycle facilities where possible”. If this Code is approved, cyclists will effectively lose the right to ride on the road where there are alternative routes or adjacent facilities.

The implications of this are too bad to contemplate. First we will
suffer more abuse and intimidating driving, as recently suffered by
a CTC member. Second, if a cyclist is involved in an accident and
tries to claim damages, the insurance companies are likely to argue
that the rider contributed to the accident by not using the cycle

The Highway Code has been laid before parliament. It will
automatically be approved unless it is referred to a House of
Commons Committee which cannot amend it and can only recommend the whole document be rejected.

It will take an unprecedented amount of adverse publicity to persuade the government to reject the Highway Code in its entirety.

The CTC HQ Campaign team are working hard to find some way of
achieving this and will obviously require national support.Meanwhile
HQ says it will do no harm to support the petition which is at

Roads4Bikes petitions

It is interesting to note that 35 MP’s objected to the original
revised wording. Unfortunately, the replacement wording is no better.

Only 11,000 objections were received to the previous wording. There
are over 50, 000 in the CTC alone who should now be objecting.

If this Highway Code is approved by government cyclists will
effectively lose the right to ride on the road where there are
alternative routes or adjacent facilities.

Please register your name on the petition and persuade others to do
the same.


Lord of the Pain in the Arses

Everybody seems to be totally chuffed about the Lord of the Rings musical opening sometime in June. It’s been all over the papers, and especially the Guardian seems to be wetting themselves over it. But, I tell you, I hate the sons and daughters of dogs. They are loud and obnoxious and they prance around naked. In fact, PJ wants to start a blog consisting entirely of naked photos of the Lord of the Rings cast. Our bedroom window faces the dressing rooms of the theater. It’s so close that, if you get a good wind, you can lob a spitball from our window to their’s. It’s not the nakedness that bothers me as that’s quiet. It’s the happy opera-like singing that they burst into at all hours of the day and night. And the drunken late night parties that happen in their courtyard, the sound of which carries up to our window so loudly that it wakes me up at night. Do us all a favor and save it for the stage. For heaven’s sake: we live here, and you are only visiting.

Flip flops in the rain

It’s been rainy lately (news flash). But what is it with the number of people wearing flip flops? And not just the usual year-round Afro-Caribbean sandals-in-all-weathers-with-a-parka stylee.

I guess that it’s too warm (and it would be too depressing) for boots, little trendy trainers have nae water protection (bring back puffy skater shoes!) and barefoot leads to tetanus.

I guess I’ll just embrace it; maybe get a pair of custom flops from laidback london.

Photo by jojoro.

The Drowsey Chaperone

So color me, like, totally surprised. Free tickets to “The Drowsy Chaperone” were dropped into my hands by an unsuspecting PR agent. I say unsuspecting because I don’t do theater (I’m more of a film person), and I REALLY don’t do musical theater. But, there I was anyway, with a hangover and a dodgy neck and in no mood for prancing and dancing. But, the show is on at the Novello, which is literally right around the corner from my flat, so I had no excuse not to go.

A Homage to Custard Creams

Lately the supermarket seems to have been over run with groovy biscuits but in my office we have a soft spot for the custard cream. Actually, it’s more than a soft spot. We get through a pack of custard creams a day. OK, I admit it. We’re addicted to custard creams. For those unfamiliar with the custard cream, it is basically a sweet, milky tasting cookie with a wedge of custard flavoured cream on the inside. Think the English equivalent of an Oreo, only vanilla flavoured. It’s truly yummy. We’ve tried other biscuits – shortbreads, bourbons, even those flavourless tea biscuits but we always come back to Custard Creams.


Really 10 years?

Is London a better place after 10 years of TB?

Well, I think so, but I’m not sure how much he can claim the benefit. Sure we have a GLA where there was once a LBC, but its not the same whatever the politics of the LBC were at least it ran London as a unitray body.

I need to think on this some more, but how has the past 10 years seemed to you? what was your London in 1997 like? How much has it changed?


Seeing the Shakespeare

Went to see “Taming of the Shrew” at Wiltons Music Hall last week. It was bizarre, really, as the guy playing Tranio also played the lead in Mind Flesh wot I worked on last year. It was strange seeing him do the Shakespeare having watched him previously half naked rolling around on the floor covered in maggots, fake blood and slime.

Wiltons is semi-derelict, which was quite cool. But, unless kind people help, they are going to tear the thing down. A shame, really, as it is a great venue. Click here to help save it.

Cheap Clothes & Stuff

Buying retail is an alien concept to me. For as long as I can remember, I’ve shopped at sample sales or warehouse sales or found shops that were closing down and wanted to offload their designer togs at less than 50% off. I love a bargain. London may seem expensive to the average tourist but you can still grab a bargain by heading over to Primark or one of the secret sales that pop up almost on a weekly basis and are listed on Daily Candy or Urban Junkies, Time Our or the Evening Standard. Today’s little find? Ted Baker Sample Sale, 8am-8pm, Camden Centre, WC1. I have no idea where that is but I’m sure you bargain hunters will find it. Enjoy!

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