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Buskers on the tube


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Who’s your favourite tube busker? Is it the emo lady in the tunnel from the Victoria Line to the Central Line at Oxford Circus? Is it the over-amped pan flute guy in the subway from South Ken Station to the museums? (I think most of the buskers underground are truely fantastic, but I only find the rubbish ones memorable for some reason.)

We need more buskers in this town. I <3 buskers.

Nature Rats in Hyde Park

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Walking through Hyde Park, from Lancaster Gate past the Serpentine, I see a mad proliferation of pigeons, wood pigeons, squirrils and RATS.

I’m not a big fan of the little guys in general, but in Hyde Park’s wooded setting–boogying on their little legs through the bushes–I see them with fresh eyes as proper little animals, rather than icky vermin.

The next day I cycle through the park, listening to an episode of Costing the Earth all about rats, about how they are incontinent and they drag their little wee-soaked bottoms over your counters and garden furniture, I feel a bit less charitable.


GBK.jpgWalked up to Tower Bridge today ’cause the flatmate gave us a freebie to GBK. He got some coupons at one of his hookey-roo Christmas shindigs that entitled us to £50 worth of food and drink. I tell you this, two people the size of PJ and me cannot eat near £50 even when ordering OJ, Cokes and shakes. It was brilliant because it was free. Out of the window, we had a view of “The Oldest Church in the City.” Had a fascinating discussion about whether “the city” meant “the city of London” or “The City” (as in the place where all those blokes in suites work hard to move money around the world…they must really build up an appetite).


After, walked our way towards Central and stopped off at the Tate Modern. Been aching to see the Crack. It was kinda cool, but PJ ‘s point was “It’s just a crack in the floor.” What ensued was an inane conversation about Modern Art in the middle of which I wrestled PJ to the ground screaming “Mark Rothko is a genius, you silly ass.”

Here’s a photo of me with my hand in the crack:


And, here’s a mind-blowing video of the Crack:

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