No Spring Chicken

I’m not sure how I feel about all this segregation anymore. I’m
Live in London…

Now, being female, I can apply for all of these arts schemes and festivals that are open to my kind. Being white, I can apply for any non-minority scheme, which are really in the minority. Being from London, I can compete with the other 37,000 “Independent Filmmakers” and 100,000 Filmmakers of the other sort to get the London schemes.

But, being old…I can’t really apply for anything.

Take, for example, this John Braybourne award. Here’s the first paragraph of the application procedure (emphasis is mine):

“Who should apply?
The awards are open to young talent focused on working in the UK film and TV industry. It is a scheme that looks to reward young people who have demonstrated determination and motivation in targeting their chosen career. The scheme also looks to help those whose careers have suffered set-backs due to unforeseen circumstances.”

Now, all of this sounds like me…especially my career suffering set-backs due to unforeseen circumstances…like getting a divorce and fleeing the country to “find myself” and ending up in London spending all of my settlement going to film school and then waking up the reality that “you’re too old, baby.” But, I feel young, and I do have stories to tell.

Are we chopping up society too much…putting every person into a little box that says (in my case) “white female passed her sell-by date”? Or is this division necessary to maintain diversity? And, if so, where does my voice belong?


If you’re wondering what this has to do with London:

1) The Braybourn Application is mailed to a London address,
2) London is the multi-melting pot of the world
3) I live in London

P.S. The photo is of JB himself, who, by the looks of it, is no spring chicken either.


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  1. frazgo (unregistered) on February 25th, 2008 @ 3:42 am

    Welcome to the last minority group to be taken seriously. "Old". In my neck of the world is 45. That is the target age corporations start cleaning house to reduce their salary load. That is the group least likely to considered even when looking at starting new careers. Stinks, yes but you work with it until the right poster child steps forward to litigate the issue and get protections put in place.

    BUT…it is also a great time to reinvent ourselves. I did it after I got sacked along with several others at my office. I decided to draw on my retirement funds and pursue my art. It can happen, our life experiences do count for something. I can tell you that I am happier now than when I was a cube dweller.

    Make your films, draw on your experiences and you will find someone whose soul is drawn to your work.

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