A Trip to the World’s First Organic Pub in Islington

I recently attended a mate’s birthday party at the Duke of Cambridge in Islington, a short walk from Angel tube station. I really enjoy organic beer so it was a most welcomed visit after an intense week. When ever someone says ‘organic’ they often think of expense, fortunately I think this is becoming a past time. This pub has a nice selection of Pitfield ales, all around 3 quid. I especially recommend their IPA, a nice hoppy brew that goes down easy, but has just enough bitterness to awaken your palate. After trying them all, I became quite jovial throughout the evening, so did my mate who took in glass after glass of organic chardonnay. They also serve organic spirits as well.

The mens’ loo I must say was especially nice — well lit and (any pub that serves delicious beer and a nice pot to piss in is pushed well towards the top of my list) equipped with tea tree soap. Also, there was no vomit anywhere and the toilets actually flush, quite a contrast to most commercial pubs in London on a Saturday night. In theory, it seems that organic beer and food are less likely to make you sick. It’s quite a bold theory mind you, but it seems to me that if more pubs served organic beer (instead of piss lagers like stella, carling, carlsberg or grolsch) there would be a rise in public health. Of course you could still binge drink, no one’s stopping you, but don’t do it here. The Duke of Cambridge is a lovely pub that makes one feel at home with its range of ales, hearty food and warm atmosphere.

The Duke of Cambridge

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