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Derelict London book

The Lighthouse Building - Alastair FyfeI’ve posted a couple of times about my love of derelict London, and I’m happy to hear that the fantastic Derelict London website is releasing a book on 24 April. You can preorder it now from the publisher and get a 35% discount if you quote the promotional code “derelict” before that date.

If you’ve ever peeped curiously through a gap in a boarded-up window or wondered why the building you pass every day is looking distinctly the worse for wear, this is very definitely the book for you.


Our ‘shameful’ asylum system

Independent Asylum Commission

The Independent Asylum Commission has released its report of the state of our asylum system, and they call it ‘shameful’ and ‘seriously below the standards to be expected of a humane and civilised society.’

Please let this be a wake-up to the fact that refugees are suffering in this country. Listening to the news, which helpfully points out any crime or allegation that involves an asylum seeker, you would think that they are the source of all of our problems. In fact, they suffering in a system that ‘combines incredible complexity with systemic incompetence.’ I’m talking about unlawful incarceration of families, children and torture survivors, combined with the hell of endless, fathomless court dates.

Humane treatment is simply what is needed.

Photo courtesy Independent Asylum Commission



This is something that happens to me a lot in clubs. I’ll be shaking my bootie to some tronic, and the guy next to me will shout: “Yeah! I love this tune! Don’t you love this tune!” I just shake my head in affirmation because I don’t want to embarrass myself by saying: “I have never heard this tune before, I think it’s crap, and I’m only dancing because if I sit down I will fall asleep.”

I really want to go to one of the Shellac Sisters gigs. From their website: “The Shellac Sisters are four glamorous retrochics who dress in all things vintage and play 78rpm records on 1920s wind-up gramophones.” Yeah. And I’d like to wear a dress…a nice one with frills. And a hat too.

Myspace link here.

Thanks to Boing Boing.

Mobile Filmmaking Networks in the Capital

TurkeyA new networking project centered around art in new mobile technologies is launching in April. Filmobile will “explore the cultural impact brought about by new mobile technologies and initiate debates between artists, the media and the new mobile industry.” The events are free (which ain’t often in the capital), so check it out if you’re interested in flogging your art and craft at these “mini venues.” Thanks to the good folks at Shooting People for alerting us to this event.

Photo from The Mobile Weblog.

Sam Rockwell Moons London


My mate and fellow LFS alumni Duncan is in the middle of filming his first feature “Moon” at Shepperton Studios (not technically London, I know, but close enough). Sam Rockwell is in the lead playing a scientist returning to Earth after a three-year sojourn on the Moon.

I’ve been getting updates from Duncan during shooting, but the one he sent today is a whopper. “Moon” was featured on Film 2008 with Jonathan Ross. It’s after the “10,000 BC” bit.

If you’re interested in Sci-Fi and have a penchant for those classic films of the 70s, this will be the film for you. Duncan’s references are the likes of “Alien” (the original) and “Silent Running.” It won’t be out ’til 2009, but Rockwell will be around for a few more weeks, so you might catch sight of him strutting around central. If you do, give me a ring. He is hot!

Check out Duncan on the set with cool production design and super cool geek equipment wot I don’t know anything about but looks cool anyway.

Duncan on the Set

Rockwell photo from IMDB.

Bollywood Training School

Photo from Topnews

If you fancy a bit of shaking your bootie Indian style, check out the press on London’s new Bollywood training ground. Set up by top Indian actors Anupam Kher, Urmila Matondkar, Tabu and Boman Irani, the school will open in September. (Thanks to Boing Boing.)

Photo from Topnews

Fancy a bit of Hungarian Cinema?

Miklos Jancso

My mate Simon over at the Curzon sent me info about their MIKLÓS JANCSÓ season in two weeks with the man himself doing Q&A. From Friday the 14th to Sun the 16th at Soho and Mayfair cinemas. Not only do they do good programs over there, but if you’re interested in seeing film in a “grown up” cinema, these are the venues. No sticky crap on the floor, no talking audience, cushy seats and lots of leg room. I love these venues.

For more info on the program, go here:

I definitely look odd


I just had to follow up Daneeta’s great post with this snarky rebuff from  illegalphotos on Flickr .

 Thanks also to padster who mentioned this in the comments. We’ll try to get you some engaging content ASAP!

Do I look Odd?

New Anti-Terrorist Campaign

This is part of the new anti-terror campaign launched by the London Met (thanks to Boing Boing). Being a filmmaker, I’m constantly taking pictures of odd things. I know my filmmaker mates do the same thing. Now, I’ll be wondering if I look odd. It’s all a bit “1984” for me.

I have a filmmaker mate who’s of Pakistani descent. Carrying a load of fake guns on the bus is probably not a good idea, but he just didn’t think it was gonna be a problem. He had to get to the shoot (the film shoot, that is), and he didn’t have enough money for a taxi. This was before…well, before it all went a bit pear shaped.

I don’t want to be spying on my neighbor because they all look a bit odd. How the hell am I supposed to know what’s really odd?

Spotted: A good, cheap London hotel

A review of the Base2Stay hotel in the Telegraph says,

The first London hotel that I can recommend without a qualm to the stream of people, here and abroad, who bemoan the fact that they can’t afford a decent place to stay in our capital.

Holy crapola, is it possible? Let me know if the holy grail has been found. Base2Stay, 25 Courtfield Gardens, London SW5 (0845 262 8000; Doubles from £99.

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