Just a Perfect Day

PJ and I had a nice lunch in Trafalgar Square…Falafel from Just Falafel. Maybe it’s just me, but I think the quality has gone down a bit, which is a real shame. I liked the food and I like the folks that work there, but I have to be honest.

Eating Falafel

OR, what might have put me off the food was staring at the bloke with no pants on.

This is no laughing matter, gentlemen. If you don’t have clean pants to wear, don’t go out of the house. There is no excuse for going commando. Or, am I missing something here? Discuss.


And speaking of pants, to the dude who walked into the Starbucks on St. Martin’s Lane with your trousers well below your bum: what in hell were you thinking? You could hardly walk properly, and the nice middle-aged woman across from us nearly peed herself laughing. She actually called a friend to tell her what she’d seen. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of you, but here is a picture of the notes from the project we were working on when you walked in to brighten my day.


And here is a picture of the cool lights in said Starbucks:


And, here’s what the lights look like when you stare at them too long:

Lights 2

That is all.

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