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Brown Cow or Stew anyone?

Mack is leaving us this week, so were having a VERY last minute meet up tomorrow at Armanos cafe Tower Bridge….

“The bread is fantastic, contributing to sandwiches that blow the likes of Pret a Manger out of the water.” Flavour Magazine

With a reveiw like and a riverside veiw that i doubt we can go wrong – then we have the company of one Blogging LA’s finest to ice the cake!

blossom square
image by

so why don’t you come down and join us at around 10.30am and sample the Brown Cow for yourself?
The full details can be found on the facebook event page, but while your there why don’t you join our facebook group and become a fan of Metroblogging London!

See you there!

Elite Squad

This film was released one year ago in Brazil and before going to the movies, half of Brazil had watched it because some guys from the company that put the subtitles in English, pirated it on the internet. [There was actually a big gaffe when the Brazilian Minister of Justice said he had watched it before the official release].

I was surprised to see the banners in the underground this week, because being Brazilian, everyone always used to comment about “City of God” to me and I always recommended this film, but no-one [except Brazilians – who have at least one geek friend who could download the movie from the internet] had ever heard of it.

If you liked “City of God” and you like blood and violence, this one is definitely a must-see. While “City of God” shows how life and crime in favela are from the favelado’s perspective, this film shows how is the favela from the police’s point of view.

This film will be officialy released in the UK this Friday.

Chivalry is not Dead in London

To the man with the face piercings on the No. 134 bus at 6:30 a.m.: thanks for showing me that chivalry is not dead. As the bus pulled up and opened its door, you smiled, did a little bow and waived me to go on first.

First, a definition from Wikipedia (bold is mine):

“Chivalry is a term related to the medieval institution of knighthood. It is usually associated with ideals of knightly virtues, honour and courtly love. Today, the terms chivalry and chivalrous are used to describe courteous behavior, especially that of men towards women.”

I know some guys have a beef with chivalry after the whole feminist movement, but I like that Wikipedia says it’s basically courteous behavior. And, don’t we need more of that in today’s world?


Say wha …?

sign.jpgI do no’ thin’ that means what you thin’ it means, senor.

(Spotted earlier today at the Museum of Natural History)

Reflections on a knife – a stupid Yank’s tale

airranger.jpgI’ve learned two crucial things about living in London, in the most interesting and dangerous ways possible, since arriving for a month-long visit three weeks ago.

Indulge a dim American tourist for a second, if you will …

Sure, I’ve visited London before. One of the great cities of the world, and probably a close second to NYC for my favorite.

I stayed four summers with my parents when I was 6, 9, 12 and 18, and once about 23 years ago) and I have to say that I enjoyed just as much fun and gut-splurching fear climbing the gnarly spiral staircases up to the Golden Gallery at St. Paul’s on Monday as I did back then.

I also have a faint memory of my dad cursing at the top of his lungs when he accidentally shaved some paint off his hired Fiat with the back end of a lorry back then (bad turn). (Hang on – I do have a point, and I am getting to it …)

But that’s not so real as the moment I managed on my very first UK drive last month to make a right in our borrowed Vauxhall Zafira onto a quiet little street in East Dulwich – and then spent a good three or four seconds wondering why everyone was driving straight at me and honking … before I figured it out … (more…)

How not to sleep on the Tube

london_underground_logo.jpgTo the young partier crashed out on the Northern Line at 9 a.m.:

Dude: While I can respect the amount of partying it takes to sleep sprawled out on the northbound train from London Bridge whilst everyone is stepping over you and scowling, you’re not cool.

While your mouth is hanging open so wide and you’re snoring so loud I could probably drop a ₤1 coin and it would fall all the way to the bottom before you even noticed, you’re not cool.

While you could snore through the coming apocalypse as well as completely ignoring the irritated older businessman who is even now kicking you in the shin trying to wake you so you’re not blocking the aisle and generally effing up everyone else’s attempt to just get to the office – you’re just … so … not cool.

You probably shambled onto the train from some party near South Wimbledon, and promptly fell asleep because you’re also on the nod, and now you’re a total disgrace, and small kids are giggling at you as the old fellow kicks you once more and this blogger steps off the train making a mental note to write about your sorry ass.

Have a little pride. Tuck your feet closer and close your mouth if you need to sleep it off en route home. Just saying.

I Prefer "Couch Surfer" to "Homeless"

couchsurfing96.JPGAlthough, technically, we are homeless as we do not have a fixed address. We are in a better position than most homeless people, however. We are the middle class of homeless: we work, we go to the cinema, we both have Oyster cards. We are lucky. My former employer has allowed us to store our severely diminished personal effects in the basement (we had to throw out about three quarters of our stuff when we got chucked out the flat: see below). And, our editing mentor has given us a place to set up a temporary office so that we can finish off our jobs for paying clients. Before, we were working from “home.”

And, we are couch surfing some very posh couches.

To back up a bit…due to a combination of factors including the rising cost of living in London, not getting paid by clients for work done and a dispute with our landlord, we found ourselves chucked out of our flat with 24 hour notice the night before leaving for Sweden to get married (I tell you, surviving this without ripping out each other’s insides gives me great hopes for this marriage).

Our plan had always been to return home to New Orleans in September for the foreseeable future, and that is still in the plan. It’s just that we will spend the month of August couch surfing, and, having not been paid by those who shall remain nameless, we will be couch surfing in New Orleans as well.

Last night and for the next three days, it’s north of Muswell Hill. Having lived in Central London for my eight years here, it is like traveling to another world. Fresh air, detached houses, forest. But, now I feel like a true Londoner…I commute on the bus for an hour each way. I find that I have more time to read now.

Image from Riding with the Window Down.

Come Blog With Us

moar.gifWriting for Metblogs has the potential to be the most rewarding experience in your entire life. It’ll make you rich, famous, good looking, will help you lose weight, make your clothes fit better, and get you a super good deal on a new car. It will make you the most well known person on the entire planet. Yes, each and every one of you. Really.

OK maybe not. Actually those are all lies, but it’s fun at least. The truth is Metblogs is the largest network of locally focused blogs on the web, covering almost 60 cities around the world and we’re looking to add a few new bloggers/writters/authors to this fine site. If you wanna know more about us check out this wikipedia entry but it’s kinda boring so I won’t waste time repeating it all here again. If you wanna write for us, here’s the scoop:

  • All author positions are volunteer. That means you don’t get paid.
  • You must live in (or very near) the city you plan to write about.
  • Anything you post must relate to the city somehow. That means you shouldn’t post a movie review, but talking about going to see a movie at a local theater is fine.
  • There’s no requirement for how much you can or should write, but we ask that if we set you up as an author you make about 3 posts a week.
  • You can post about things you love, you can post about things you hate. It’s entirely up to you

Additionally, because of our global network, there’s plenty of options for things you write to be read by people all over the world. Interested? Want more details? Post a comment and we’ll be in touch!

Get a Life




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