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The Coolest place in London.


as voted by Gareth S.

Do you have a place that is cooler?

Karauke, love it!

Once in a while you stumble upon something that makes you, once again, praise the lord that you live in a teeming metropolis, rather than out in the sticks.


Karauke: The fusion of Karaoke and Ukelele playing. In a trendy bar in Hoxton. Tres chic.

This apparently happens once a month. I had a great time at this recent event, and plan on being there again, with a few friends, next month. Maybe I’ll brush up a few songs.

Facebook fan page here.

Bless you!

Sleepy girl on the H & C Line xx So Sweeeeeet!



Smart parking, with 90 degree option

Smart parking, with 90 degree option

Apparently this is legal parking for these little Smart cars. Nice! And it makes sense, considering the fact that they are shorter then many SUVs are wide…

Isn’t She Lovely?


Nice :D

Not all coppers are bad.


These lovely Community Support Officers agreed to have their picture taken with a rose given to them by The Optimists Society on Valentines day.

However when we asked them about how they felt about the New Anti-Terrorism 2008 acts, they had absolutely no idea what we were talking about.

Heh, nice picture though!

I wanna go!

Tube Poster
Oh man.. Le Corbusier @ the Barbican heavenly, dont miss it! 19 February 2009 – 24 May 2009


London’s Secret Corners

Wherever you go in London, even in the poshest, trendiest, most-upcomingest areas, you will find little secret corners of urban decay and neglect.

Maybe they are in use, but not tarted up. Maybe they are areas that are subject to dispute between contending landowners. Maybe they are owned by someone who doesn’t give a shit. No matter. They are interesting.

I like to think of them as London’s subconscious. London Dreaming. Maybe a taste of what London would be if we all move out to The Country, or turn to zombies and eat each other, or fly to Mars.


Here, with the (in)famous Clissold Leisure Centre in the background (cost: at least £32,000,000!!!!), a lovely bit of crumbling concrete, rampant creeper and weeds.

Looks like no one has been there years. Yet it’s actuallly on super-trendy Stoke Newington Church St.

Motorbike Parking Tax from Westminster Council

No to the Bike Parking Tax

No to the Bike Parking Tax

You may have noticed that motorbike parking bays in central London have suddenly sprouted new signs, demanding payment for what has always been free.

This is Westminster Council’s latest bright idea. They admit, in writing, that this is nothing more than a method for extracting cash. So – a new tax on motorcyclists. No doubt, cyclists will be next, and then – who knows? – pavement tolls!

What London needs is a transport infrastructure that works better – and a vital part of that is heterogeneity. You need a mix, people on buses, people on tubes, people who cycle, people who walk, and people who ride scooters and motorbikes. Motorbike riding has been on the rise lately, to London’s benefit. So what do Westminster do? They think “Aha! Money!!”

Right now, the scheme is a test. Here is a video, from last night, of what Westminster Council can expect more of, if they don’t cease and desist with this idiotic plan.

Got a camera? Be scared.

Tucked away inside today’s thelondonpaper rush hour freebie, this nano-article:

Photographers at risk from law

Taking photos of police officers could be deemed a criminal offence under anti-terror legislation that comes into force next week

Does that make your blood run cold? It does mine.

I took a pic of a police security tabloid pantomine with a metal detector in a tube station a while back, and put it on line:

Under this new legislation, I could probably get banged up for taking this picture, if that proved convenient to the police/and or home secretary.

I am really beginning to hate this government. Jaquie Smith, Jack Straw and the dreary rest of them. I actually wonder if they understand what they are doing. Is it possible to construct the apparatus of a totalitarian state, without being aware of it?

The sooner they get chucked out, the better.

Soon come.

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