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Detroit Bar -Covent Garden

Firstly – this is an AMAZING BAR, I feel really bad for them that on the night I visited, the toilets were exploding, literally.
As myself and Jules came down the awesome formed staircase- terracotta in colour and made of some material I didnt quite reconise, the first thing we saw was a very unimpressed member of the bar staff with two buckets and a mop. Yikes.

I was cool I was on platforms. Well I was cool until I needed to pee anyway!

We were there for a good friend Dean’s birthday, so we ploughed through and found him – eventually, past the bar and down a TUNNEL behind the DJ as he had directed us. Yup.. this place is like a rabbits warren, twisting underneath Earlham Street. Unfortunately my phone camera is flashless so I only have photos I took at the bar. Londontown has much better ones :D

I really like the service coverings here, yes I am a total design geek, what can I say? Most places tend to keep these things in huge industrial shafts, or leave it exposed, I really like the way the designer here has made a feature of it, and a very nice one too, its almost like bubbles flowing across the top of the chambers.

Prices were ok too. I got a orange and pineapple juice for £2.50, and the girls a bottle of wine for 14 quid. considering where we were, I thought that was really good. Later in the evening, myself and Beth treated ourselves to cocktails. There was a variety ranging from £6.95 (ours of course) up to about 20 quid.

Beth got a Alfresco, and I a Pear Harbour, a pear version of the famous American cocktail Pearl Harbour. We had a really good night, however none of us wanted to use the toilet so an early night was had, and I was home by Midnight.

Damn you exploding toilets !

What’s this?

Myself and my friend Marlena noticed these pictures on the way to Portobello Market the other day. They are on the wall of The Parkside Clinic, W11. It strikes me as really weird because the clinic has always specialised in dealing with children’s counselling and these do not look like kid’s pictures – even if the clinic has generalised over the years, are they really going to put patient’s therapy pics on the walls?

The text says “please send more yellow birds for the day interior ______” and on the bottom by the root is RIP something, but again we couldn’t make it out :C

A mystery! I counted nine pictures last week, and no more have arrived(or been taken down) in the two visits I’ve paid since. If you have any clues or ideas, please let us know – and we will keep our eyes on it…

*makes The Outer Limits music*

Let them eat Cake!!

I can’t remember if I’ve ever told you about the Hummingbird Bakery before…. So forgive me if this is a repeat, but the place is worth mentioning a hundred times – and I’ve never been exposed to quite so much before!

A good friend of mine has recently got engaged to her Boyfriend of TEN years, and only the best could do for the engagement party cake. That’s a THREE tier red velvet, and the mini cakes are also red velvets… Mmmmmm
Sorry for the rubbish photo – my phone camera has no flash, but if you squeeze your eyes a little you can make out the baby versions of my favourite EVER cupcake.

When I was broke and going to KCC another really good friend on my course that I haven’t seen for ages :S, and I used to walk ourselves all the way up Portobello Road whenever the day had been significantly mean to us to get a cupcake. They are not cheap cupcakes at £1.85 but they definately fit the bill for a super treat – and personally as I tell the world I would pay double for the taste of those little bites of heaven <3

We'd get them put into a little box, and once back in the Studio we'd totally demolish them. Eery now and again we'd get a new flavour or a different cake, but it was ALWAYS the red velvet that is the best.

That was back in 2004, and since then the shop has become massive, they have opened a second shop in South Ken, and more recently another in Soho (I haven't quite made to either yet, but the above cakes were got there by Chele (they are just as good – something that bothered me) and I’ve heard tourists in the original Portobello shop say that they had been told by friends to ensure they visited the Bakery before they had left home!

I think its an amazing story! Has any of your favourite places ever gone big?


under the Westway W10

A little love…

Wow its a bit quiet around here isn’t it?

I guess that’s what happens in a big massive City with big massive problems, changes and responsibilities. Things get left till later, re-prioritised and eventually forgotten. :C

Poor Metroblogging London. We – I forgot about you. Im sorry. I was supposed to look after you, and instead I just had loads and loads of fun (and some studying) and I didn’t bother to bring you in.

Im a bad person. I promise to be better. I made you a twitter to make up for it ( I don’t think website’s like roses), and I promise to come and see you everyday… even if I didn’t do anything to tell you about, we will look for something together.

Don’t look at me like that… We always had Flickr. We’ve had sixish years together now… We can make this better again.

Ruby x

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