A little love…

Wow its a bit quiet around here isn’t it?

I guess that’s what happens in a big massive City with big massive problems, changes and responsibilities. Things get left till later, re-prioritised and eventually forgotten. :C

Poor Metroblogging London. We – I forgot about you. Im sorry. I was supposed to look after you, and instead I just had loads and loads of fun (and some studying) and I didn’t bother to bring you in.

Im a bad person. I promise to be better. I made you a twitter to make up for it ( I don’t think website’s like roses), and I promise to come and see you everyday… even if I didn’t do anything to tell you about, we will look for something together.

Don’t look at me like that… We always had Flickr. We’ve had sixish years together now… We can make this better again.

Ruby x

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