Detroit Bar -Covent Garden

Firstly – this is an AMAZING BAR, I feel really bad for them that on the night I visited, the toilets were exploding, literally.
As myself and Jules came down the awesome formed staircase- terracotta in colour and made of some material I didnt quite reconise, the first thing we saw was a very unimpressed member of the bar staff with two buckets and a mop. Yikes.

I was cool I was on platforms. Well I was cool until I needed to pee anyway!

We were there for a good friend Dean’s birthday, so we ploughed through and found him – eventually, past the bar and down a TUNNEL behind the DJ as he had directed us. Yup.. this place is like a rabbits warren, twisting underneath Earlham Street. Unfortunately my phone camera is flashless so I only have photos I took at the bar. Londontown has much better ones :D

I really like the service coverings here, yes I am a total design geek, what can I say? Most places tend to keep these things in huge industrial shafts, or leave it exposed, I really like the way the designer here has made a feature of it, and a very nice one too, its almost like bubbles flowing across the top of the chambers.

Prices were ok too. I got a orange and pineapple juice for £2.50, and the girls a bottle of wine for 14 quid. considering where we were, I thought that was really good. Later in the evening, myself and Beth treated ourselves to cocktails. There was a variety ranging from £6.95 (ours of course) up to about 20 quid.

Beth got a Alfresco, and I a Pear Harbour, a pear version of the famous American cocktail Pearl Harbour. We had a really good night, however none of us wanted to use the toilet so an early night was had, and I was home by Midnight.

Damn you exploding toilets !

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  1. McConnell (mcconnell) on March 29th, 2010 @ 7:04 pm

    Hoping to visit our great nation’s capital asap! I will certainly look out for what seems to be a decent place! Too many bars already? Maybe…Let’s hope Detroit Bar has more luck than the toilets…

  2. muso (unregistered) on April 3rd, 2010 @ 12:45 am

    Thanks for the update and for other places see -

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