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Bring your Oyster!

Yay! Finally Bring Stuff, my personal favourite (nearly) free fancy dress party organiser has just announced his latest Party.

“We are Londoners, embrace the Londoness!
We want you to come dressed as a visual interpretation of a tube station – a blacksmith with a large hammer for Hammersmith, a manchester clown for Piccadilly Circus or James Bond for Bond Street etc.
You get the idea, so be as creative as you can, with one exception. NO ANGEL COSTUMES, Angel Islington is off limits as it’s closed for engineering works! Seriously, angel costumes would be super-lame.
It’s the end of January, you’ve had enough time to detox and break those resolutions. Kick those blues and come and get trollied with us whilst dressed as an impeccable vision of a tube station, oh yes there will be dancing in the basement of the bar too if you’re hardcore enough.
Prizes for best costume in ludicrous categories and a few games to be played too if you can find them!

Sat 31st January, 7:30pm-2.00am
Zebranos at the Establishment (not the one off carnaby street)
18 Greek Street, Soho, London, W1D 4DS

Free before 10pm, £9 after. Mention Bring Stuff at the door to queue jump.
Come find us at the back of the bar, don’t forget your oyster cards.”

I already know what I’m going as… its going to be Absolutely Fabulous…(hint hint) and for those of you who dont know them all off by heart, here is a list of all the Stations currently open (Not sure if DLR is allowed).

Hey Boy!

Have you heard about Boys yet? I kinda thought everyone knew about this diamond of a Thai on Harrow road, but it would seem not.

Boys Cafe have been around for years, and has a local reputation similar to that of Lee Ho Fook, however they DO deliver.

Its a tiny premises, with no more than 10 tables and an even tinier kitchen dominated by a wok range and massive extractor fan that really shouldn’t fit – all viewable from your table.

The atmosphere is amazing – there is absolutely nothing better than enjoying a decent meal having watched the chefs put in all the lovely bright ingredients and here they line them in jugs and bowls along the workstation so you get to see each and every one going in.

You can either bring your own bottle and enjoy your meal there, or like me take it home. The thing I like best about boys are the cute gestures; you get some chilli and peanut sauce in there, but they wrap it up in a tiny tiny lettuce leaf in each corner!!!

Highly recommended.

Valentine’s Day and All That

It seems the UK has finally fallen for what I common refer to as ‘Hallmark Day.’ Once, like Halloween, Valentine’s was a fairly insignificant day in the British social calendar. Now all the major retailers have gotten in on the act, although in their defence, this must be the first time I can remember where one could pick up a red rose in Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s and not spend an arm and a leg. For all those at a loose end, there are a few last minute tickets still available for the Whoopee Club’s Valentine’s Day Party. An evening of burlesque, cabaret and comedy at the Cobden Club. It should be really good fun.

City Speed Dating

Interesting Story Suggestion post regarding the Ditch or Date Service…..

“There are very few such events within the CIty targetted at city workers. Ditch or Date organises very relaxed and informal evenings. Ideal for those looking to meet new potential dates under a non-pressurizing environment. They’ve also got a new evening called Speed Friends. I went for the first one and had a really great time as everyone was really nice.” – anon

Next Event

Wed 08 Nov ’06 07:30 PM
Address: Aldermary House, 10-15 Queen Street EC4N 1XT
Age Group: 25 – 42
Price per ticket: 20.00 – 15.00


As I was walking through the market today, I heard the most sublime voice raising to the heights of Heaven. It happens often as the Opera House is at the North end, and they often pipe out recorded music from their performances to entice. But this was live and coming from … an Alpha Romeo? Yes. There’s a big Alpha Romeo installation in the market at the moment, and standing at the corner and leaning–almost lounging up against the tent post was a beautiful young woman with chestnut hair down to her waist. She was dressed casually, in jeans. It seems that AR had hired her to sing melancholy. I don’t really know anything about cars, but this bit of cheeky advertising made me interested to visit a site that I would never have visited had I not heard her angelic voice.

God save me. I have just discovered Green & Black’s organic dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids (good for fair trade too). Heres how they got to me: I made a bet with R. that I could eat only foods with natural ingredients in for a solid month. R. calculated that my love of junk food would be my downfall. But no. After reading the labels of every junk food in the book, I found that not only can I eat Green and Black’s, but I can also eat Kettle Chips and organic popcorn from H&B. I dont think this is what R. had in mind when he made the bet with me. At this rate, my ass will be the size of Memphis before the month is out.

Oxford Street

I dont know if Im the only person like this, but I tend to avoid Oxford Street and the surrounding area at all costs. I guess having lived in the capital my whole life, I got a bit immune to the hype.
Dont get me wrong, when I was about 14, it was the perfect place for bunking off school, hanging out, meeting boys and spending my pocket money… when I was 14.
Now I tend to shop as close to home as possible, getting the same thing, but cheaper, with less crowds, and dare I say far less tourists. Besides, the pubs are are lot less expensive!!

Last night I had to go to Oxford Street, urghhhhh… or so I thought.
I was quite suprised, there a a lot of very nice pubs down there,my only complaint is the lack of seating(i really am getting old) and it was great to get out of this area for once. I was early, so I spent some time looking around The shops, and i sort of got it again. Ok so you can get everything in Oxford Street on the local High Street, but you dont get the impressive window displays, drunken bums and minor celebs…

I ended up having a really great time with a really cute guy, and on the way home, I decided maybe, just maybe, I could give Oxford Street another go……..

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