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London Film School Alumni Networking Party

camera_tutorial.jpgThe hardworking alumni of the London Film School are having another “Together we are Stronger” networking party at the Chandos Pub in Central London. Starting at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday the 18th, networking will kick off with libation pints for under £2. All who have attended the film school over the past 50 years are invited.

Shakespeare but not as you Know it

A friend of mine is appearing in an alternative production of ‘Midsummers Night Dream.’ It’s only on until tomorrow evening before it goes on tour so catch it while you can!


Awesome Community Theatre

mattsm.jpg Double Bill on at Merton Abbey Mills starring my mate Matt! I’ll be there on the 31st with the Swedish Toy Boy in tow.

Scriptless Wonder
Illuminated Productions return with last year’s Times listed #1 show (11-16 July 06), and this time it’s “New and Improv’d!” Yes, this is the improvisation game show where you the audience are in control! 8 performers will attempt to improvise their way into your affections, but who will Matt like most?

They Came From Woking
Stephen Solomon is not having a good week. His parents are selling the family home from under him in a last ditch attempt to get him to move out, he can’t get a girlfriend, and to top it all body snatching aliens are taking over his home town. Part pastiche on 50’s sci-fi, part Generation X-Files, this is a wildly inventive comedy from The Scriptless Wonder team.

Warning: Contains tinfoil, nerd jokes, kissing and dancing to prog rock.

Book tickets here!

Click “continue reading” for super big poster…

Old School

I had the wonderful pleasure last night of attending a private screening of Naoko Tajima’s debut feature film “The Fifth Mind.” The Soho Hotel off Dean Street boasts a screening room with a capacity of 100. The seats are swank red leather, and there is loads of leg room. It’s pricey to rent at £250 an hour with a minimum of 2 hours, but, if you’ve got the cash, this is such a nice venue, and it’s in the heart of Soho, so drinks after are a must.

“The 5th Mind” is a harrowing portrait of two siblings torn apart by a shared childhood experience. One sibling has completely blocked abuse, incest and madness. The other has created 5 minds to deal with the pain. This is a beautifully shot and expertly directed film, but, as the director says, it is not a happy story. If you get a chance to see it, schedule drinks after.

I was supposed to go straight home after as PJ and I were going to do some late night editing. But, drinks at All Bar One (as much as I loathe the place) with old mates was too difficult to pass up. I went to school with Naoko, and there was a contingent of LFS alumni there to commiserate with me about the trajectory of our careers.

After drinking and crying, crying and drinking, we all went for a falafel on Old Compton Street. It’s that place across from The Admiral Duncan…can’t think of the name, but it’s the one with the marquee of the ridiculously good looking people eating falafels (pictured above). What is great about this place is that you can get the basic falafel for £3.90 then top it with a selection of veggie items. I went for loads of top ups* to get in my 5 fruit and veg, although I’m not sure if that’s exactly “legal.”

After, we went to Dan’s place in Soho for a good old fashioned LFS house party. He’s got a tiny, little room that we all piled into, but one wall is white and bare for projecting films. And, cinema geeks that we are, we watched a beautiful nature film set to music, drank and smoked (cause you can if it’s a house party).

All in all, it was a lovely Saturday evening.

*OK, this is gross, so if you are a delicate flower, just skip this part. You pile the top of the falafel and pita with veg. Then you eat down until there is no more veg. Then you pile more stuff on. Repeat until you are finished or about to explode like a gold fish.

The Drowsey Chaperone

So color me, like, totally surprised. Free tickets to “The Drowsy Chaperone” were dropped into my hands by an unsuspecting PR agent. I say unsuspecting because I don’t do theater (I’m more of a film person), and I REALLY don’t do musical theater. But, there I was anyway, with a hangover and a dodgy neck and in no mood for prancing and dancing. But, the show is on at the Novello, which is literally right around the corner from my flat, so I had no excuse not to go.


So, you know I’ve been plugging Kirmann a lot here. It’s because I love his music so much, I can’t help but gush. Well…he’s now teamed up with one of my favorite directors, Patrick Jackson, to put his music to moving images.

You can check out the video for Liza here. You’ll need Quicktime.

How was your day, honey?

Today I had to put maggots on our actress’s body. I just kept saying “sorry…sorry” each time I chucked another handful on. They stink! Apparently there are white maggots and red maggots. Our color scheme for the film is black, white and red. I just found out about the red maggots today else I would have used them in the previous maggot scene we shot last week. On that day, I also used lentil soup for vomit. Tonight I ate lentil soup. After working with maggots today, I just didn’t give a flip. Oh, I also used oatmeal and strawberry jam for vomit as well. Had a nice discussion with the lead actor (for whom I was making the vomit) about how he had never seen white vomit before. I invited him to take a stroll through my neighborhood in the early hours of a Sunday, and he would encounter a rainbow of vomit colors.

I’m losing my mind.

Footloose the Musical

Things not to do before a theatre visit

Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre

In the ten years that I have been in London there are still a few places I have not been to; Shakespeare’s Globe theatre on the Thames was one of those places I had yet to go to. I have walked past it many times when going to and from the Tate Modern. That changed this past Wednesday night.


I went with some ‘theatrical; friends; Ryan is an actor and Emily does stage lighting. The performance we saw was “Antony and Cleopatra”.

I was in the cheap seats – the standing area. It was only 5 quid; the play was 3 hours; it was a long time to be on one’s feet.

It was an evening performance and the weather was agreeable; it did sprinkle down with a bit of rain at times.

What a fantastic buiding the globe is; I imagined a bit what it would have been like to see a play in Shakespeare’s time. I would expect it would be bit a more rowdy in the standing area. Ryan pointed out in Shakespeare’s time all the roles were performed by men even Cleopatra; I am also told that people would socialize in the standing area; people would arrange to meet at the globe to chat as much as watch the plays.

As it is an open air theatre, there was must have been about 4 helicopters that flew overhead and at least one airplane. The actors must be used to it.

I must admit it was quite a challenge to follow the dailogue. It was like from one scene to a next I could just keep up with what is going on.

The staging was quite interesting; the actors wore clothing of the Jacobean era when the play would hace been orginally performed. there was to be a live snake in the play; there was signs ‘warning’ about it around the theatre but in the final act; I did not see any snake. Perhaps even snakes have off days and he did not have an understudy. The acting was very good. Frances Barber played Cleopatra and she was great.

It was a throroughly pleasant night out; we retired to a local pub on the river for last orders and had a good chat about theatre, performance and architecture.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre web-site

A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Regents Park open air theatre

I better warn you first, taking my knowledge of English literature and theatre into account I am totally unqualified to review any plays whatsoever. This is therefore just an account of my evening at the Regents park open air theatre rather than a review of the play.

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