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A London concert site

I used to subscribe to TimeOut until I realized that I never actually went anywhere, and I certainly never planned anything in advance. Each week the beast would arrive on my doorstep, to be added to a pile of unread others, and I fell more and more behind on the goal of ‘living life to the fullest’ rather than ‘watching Living TV while full.’

Reader Lynsie Camuso sent in a link to her rather jazzy concert planning site, ShowClix. The site seems to have some very useful and nicely-implemented features, such as the ability to track concerts from your favourite artists. Lot’s of groovy Web 2.0 stuff there, such as seeing how many other people are interested in, although like any of these things, it helps if there are other people who like the same artists as you.

Maybe this will help me get out to some live music sometime soon. Does anyone else have suggestions for how to winnow out London’s infinite entertainment options?

Talk is Super Cheap

Talk%20is%20Cheap%20front.jpg“I think it’s just about time for everyone to get dirty, digital and live.” Rich Mchardy

I’ve read in the papers that this is the most depressing week of the year, so do yourself a favor, and get down to Brixton tomorrow night for the monthly “Talk is Cheap” DJ/Live Band extravaganza.

The line up is one step beyond awesome with Hardwire, Stathis L, Boxtronica, Chris Murphy & Filthy G, Lewis Ryder & Javier Espanol and Enterprize.

My mate Rich puts on these monthly events, which go on ’til 6 a.m. The crowd is warm and friendly, and the music will make even the grumpiest among you shake your booties.

Read more for the flyer and guest list info. I hope to see you all there.

Buskers on the tube


Originally uploaded by nicasaurusrex

Who’s your favourite tube busker? Is it the emo lady in the tunnel from the Victoria Line to the Central Line at Oxford Circus? Is it the over-amped pan flute guy in the subway from South Ken Station to the museums? (I think most of the buskers underground are truely fantastic, but I only find the rubbish ones memorable for some reason.)

We need more buskers in this town. I <3 buskers.

Cosmic Music

cosmo.jpgI first heard New York DJ Cosmo spin six years ago on a Sunday afternoon at the Notting Hill Arts Club. Wearing flip-flops and decks right on the dance floor, she was the first female DJ I had the pleasure to dance to. Her stuff is so unique and fresh…non-agressive, shake-your-groove-thing music mixed with just about everything from World Music to the Blues to Classical. The crowd around her is always lovely, so if you are tired of “the scene”, and you just want to dance your ass off, check her out on Thursday the 6th.

Cosmodelica on Thursday, 6 December
at Plastic People
(147-149, Curtain Road, Shoreditch, EC2).
Doors open at 9pm and entry is free until 10pm (£5 after)

Cosmo will be selecting a far-out and funky brew of
cosmic disco, psychedelic rock, electronic dub, roots, acid house and
anything else that is guaranteed to move your mind, your body and your

Cosmodelica radio show on Samurai FM
Cosmo on My Space

Live Earth is coming, 07/07/2007


Uber-concert Live Earth, which aims to raise awareness of global warming and the environment, will be filling Wembley this weekend.

For Live Aid I cycled down to Hyde Park to soak up the vibe and it was, despite the concerns of naysayers, totally amazing. I pride myself on my healthy cynicism, but being surrounded by the music and people of that event was genuinely moving.

There’s no way in hell I’d cycle my ass over to Wembley, and I doubt I’ll get that vibe out of the boob tube, so here’s my top tip. Go to your local pub — if you have one where some crusties/hippies/yuppies hang out, all the better. Watch it on TV, get a bit drunk and swear that all your appliances will be AA rated from now on.

(Strange web site though — sponsored by Chevy?!?)

Inspired by Al Gore and co, (Al Gore, doesn’t he look like middle-aged Superman? Mmmm, middle-aged Superman.) tomorrow I will be sharing my top lazy environmentalist’s enviro tips.

Another Turn


The last time I saw 89 Turns was in a pub in Brixton for their debut gig. So suffice it to say that when I entered The Clapham Grand on Friday night to see their 5th gig, it was not without some trepidation. In comparison, the place was massive. And unlike the pub venues of lore, this place boasted quite a large stage. I wondered how just the three of them would fill it up.

Dirty Rotten Boy (Part II)

So…went along to the debut live gig of 89 Turns on Friday. I’m supposed to be an impartial journalist and all (ha!), but, boy howdy, did I shake my bootie to the beat.

Walking in to the Prince in Brixton, I noticed a good crowd, but they all seemed to be there for the gastro pub food as opposed to the band. And maybe they were. But when the band started playing, the dance floor filled up, and several girls saw fit to do homage to Dirty Dancing…with each other. This, of course, got the boys up dancing as well.

The band totally connected with the crowd and were called back for an Encore. Georgina belted out “Loaded,” and that’s when I noticed that the crowd was singing along.

Congratulations to the band for the success of thier first live gig. Many, many re-turns.

Dirty Rotten Boy

89 Turns
debut live gig
The Prince in Brixton
Friday, April 6
set starts:11:30 p.m.

Electro Pop! At your age? Surely you jest.

Yes, normally I *am* the one sitting in the corner at Electro Pop parties trying to strike up a conversation with just about anyone to avoid shaking around on the dance floor. But “89 Turns” has done something to me. And, I think I like it.

89 Turns is Rich, Georgina and Pete. Georgina on vocals belts them out, and her charisma surrounds the room and sweetly but firmly invites everyone to get up off their asses and dance. Pete’s guitar feels just downright dirty, and Rich’s electro-melodies are seriously flirting with Rock and Roll.

Rich says the band like to focus on the melodies, and their number one goal is to get people up and dancing: “We didn’t want to make music and put it up online just for the sake of it. We wanted to perform live. We want to viscerally come together with an audience.”

Georgina’s lyrics are emotionally drawn and reflect the post-feminist era we find ourselves in. “Dirty Rotten Boy” reminds me of some seriously f*cked up relationships. Oh, but they were hot. I cannot wait to see what the dance crowd will do with lyrics like “Don’t dance near to me. I’ll slap your ass if you fuck with me.”

Come on down to Brixton to see 89 Turns on Friday Night.
The Prince in Brixton.
Friday, April 6
set starts:11:30 p.m.

Kirmann Trip

kirmann.jpgThanks to all of the LMB crowd who came out to see Kirmann on Tuesday night at the Pool Bar. Different this night was the presence of Henrik of Zeitguised doing a live animation set.

Kirmann’s music is just so amazingly surreal and trippy. I’ve written before about how the music invites your imagination to open up thus allowing you to time trip through the memories of your life…spooky almost, but in a good way. Increasingly, I’ve begun to notice some elements of free form Jazz in his stuff. Kirmann played a few new tracks, which will be up on his myspace page soon.

Eclectic director Patrick Jackson has created a music video for Kirmann’s track “Liza.” Leaked information reveals that the video will be premiering on Kirmann’s myspace in a few days. Watch this space for details. The video was shot in Libya and Sweden on super 8 and miniDV.

In another collaboration between the two, Kirmann is scoring Jackson’s short film “Toasted” to be released in the Spring. This from the producer: “We’ll probably release it in April…because April is the cruelest month, and this is a cruel little film.”

Kirmann next gig at the Pool will by on the 15th of May.

Harrods Goes Rock ‘n Roll

Well, well, well. Harrods is going all rock ‘n roll. Here I was thinking it was just a big, overpriced department store selling designer wear to tourists and Hollywood celebrities. Now it seems they’re keen to change their image and have launched a themed month of events devoted to the electric guitar. It’s called ‘Born to Rock’ as opposed to ‘Born to Spend’ or ‘Born to Live in the Food Hall’ which is what I’d like to do. They’ll be lots of glittery electric guitars ‘customised’ by fashion designers, a history of the electric guitar and lots of other guitary type stuff. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing all those rockers with their old, black drainpipes and their worn in Doc Martens and their bad haircuts swamping the store.


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