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Floridita will be hosting the best of the Cuban Music Awards on 29th Oct. They are not only bringing in bands from Cuba, but they will also be showing Cuban-made films that can’t get distribution elsewhere.

Acts on the night will include this year’s winners of the Havana Masters Prize Yoruba Andabo,Changüí Santiago, Papo Record and DJ Alain…

Also at Florita on the 30th is the Awards Dinner with a delicious looking Menu including –

• avocado, Palm heart & orange salad
• shrimp & tarragon croquettes
• Potted spiced pork rillette
• spit roast suckling pig
• spice blackened fillet of red snapper
• acai (amazonian Palm berry) & banana sorbet

Unfortunately I doubt I’ll be able to meet the tick price of NINETY quids….

100 Wardour street
Soho, London

Pamelia Kurstin at E:vent

Last night, I was thinking of going to check out some music in East London.

I almost did not go; I had a busy day; I was a bit bent out of shape and mentally drained.


The Arctic Monkeys are recording in a studio in Kensal Town. I was there but unfortunately as the Boy is working there I cant give out any proper details as to which studio it is…

However they are there all week and I am dropping by at lunchtimes (hehehehe) so if I actually hear anything being sung – you will be the first to know!!!!

Cassette – Wednesday Night


Defying convention, the (largely) techno band ‘Cassette‘ will be performing live at Lark in the Park, this Wednesday.

You can download their singles from the Myspace site above – I’m particularly fond of the Erasure cover.

With a small army of vocalists, lead by the talented Lucy, a guitar, a bass and a synthesizer (how can you ever turn down a synthesizer?!), it should be a blast.

Weds 23rd August / 8 pm
Lark in the Park, Islington
60, Copenhagen Street, N1 0JW
Angel Islington

Tip Off !!!!

Got a good Tip off on the story suggestion link this morning – The Honey Toungues are playing at the Hope and Anchor Tonight and apparently they are rather good!

“I saw this band the other week, at some dingy little pub in the west end. As soon as they came on i noticed the usual wanna be rock n rollers look they had, which kinda put me off and the first song didnt do much to change this attitude. But somewhere between my third pint and what was probably the third song, I noticed the amount of people up and shaking to the music – i thoroughly enjoyed seeing these lads enjoying their music and playing with such vigour. …………….”
“I found myself sitting back and listening,They’re playing tommorrow night i believe in the hope and anchor in Islington. I’ve never been there however, so I cannot comment on the venue. “

Thanks to Mr Anonymous for the Tip, having listened to the Bands tracks Im personally hoping to get down there…

The Hope & Anchor
207 Upper St

Listen before you Prom

logosmall05.jpgThe Proms, on now until 7 Sept, is the “World’s greatest classical music festival”.

There are simply squillions of classical concerts on, with tickets as little as £5.

To help you decide which of the umpteen you might like, Londoner Wolfgang Mittelmaier has created a simple and useful site that takes advantage of’s CD samples feature. He has cross-referenced almost every piece of music being played at a Proms concert to a CD on Amazon, so that you can listen to a clip of the music on Amazon’s site to help you find your Prom of choice. Link

All Proms are also available as audio on demand on BBC Radio.

…and in a non-Mercury competition

The Tacticians

The Tacticians’ single about London living is in the Spare Room competition over on BBC 6. It’s a great track about the highs and lows of our patron city, and worth a listen (…and a vote). Support your local band about your local city!

Vote for them here and learn more about the band at their own web site, here.

Last night at the Luminaire in Kilburn

I went to support my mates in UK States who had a gig at the Luminaire in Kilburn. Kilburn is one of those places, I have been to only a handful of times. The high street was full of life as it was a very pleasant summer evening and many pubs had tables outside; very civlized.

Before the gig, I met up with some other folks in the Kilburn pub donwstairs from the Luminaire. One of the things that I have always found intriguing is how many pubs in London serve Thai food like the Kilburn. How did this all start? I managed to scarf down some Green Curry inbetween pints of lager before trotting up stairs to the Luminaire for the music.

There was a cover charge of 6 quid; I saw and heard three great bands. Bargain. The other bands playing were “Spearmint” and “Sandra and the Memory machine”.

Spearmint were headlining and in my opinion are fine purveyors of Brit Pop. They are a band I definitely want to see again.


There is always good live music somewhere in London.

Uk States
Sandra and the Memory Machine

Luminaire Web-site

Wednsday Night with the Furies.

I think I have officially recovered from my night out in East London. well…. shoreditch any way.

The Furies were fanatastic!


what with the venue being tiny, there was a lot of times where practically everyone was outside, but the place was buzzing. The first band the mopatops (see pictures after the jump to find out why) were pretty decent, however I cant really remeber the names of the other three bands – so they cant have been that great.

By 10.30 everyone that was still there and had wilted was kicking up some steam for the furies – and they certainly gave it everything they had!!!!


Welcome To Furie Land

Tonight in Shoreditch – The Furies :D

The Furies are:

“Hidden in a secret underground lair, deep beneath the busy streets of darkest Hackney (a bit like Dangermouse, or Batman, or something) lies Rocknroll’s greatest secret. . . Yes, you guessed it, it’s The Furies. Brought together by a strange (and unrelatable in the sadly limited context of this biography page) series of coincidences, this international (Anglo-Indio-Italio-Franco/Scot) four piece found themselves, during the long hot London summer of 2004, inexorably drawn, by unseen forces, into a shared and inescapable destiny. . .”- Furies Website


Wednesday 28th June
The Spreadeagle
Corner of Kingsland Rd and Old St
Shoreditch, London
Doors open: 7pm
On Stage: 9.30(ish)
Entry: £3

Me and Lover will be there.. would be nice to see you too!!!


Picture By kamiljanowski Myspace Page

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