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London’s First Eco-Club Opens in Kings Cross

This via, London’s first eco-club will open in Kings Cross on July 10th. Some bright young spark has figured out a way to turn dancing feet into electricity. Now that’s a thought. Instead of shooting each other for energy, we can shake our booties.

Diagrams stolen straight from greenlaunches:



A Trip to the World’s First Organic Pub in Islington

I recently attended a mate’s birthday party at the Duke of Cambridge in Islington, a short walk from Angel tube station. I really enjoy organic beer so it was a most welcomed visit after an intense week. When ever someone says ‘organic’ they often think of expense, fortunately I think this is becoming a past time. This pub has a nice selection of Pitfield ales, all around 3 quid. I especially recommend their IPA, a nice hoppy brew that goes down easy, but has just enough bitterness to awaken your palate. After trying them all, I became quite jovial throughout the evening, so did my mate who took in glass after glass of organic chardonnay. They also serve organic spirits as well.

Fancy an Alternative London Club Atmosphere?

There are many clubs in London, but few tend to engage individuality. If you fancy escaping from the herd mentality of mainstream London night life you might want to enter the dark gates of the Slimelight. Mind you it’s not for everyone, that would miss the point entirely. And while some people tell me it’s ‘not what it used to be,’ few things are. When enduring the unholy realm of the Slimelight, prose fired in all directions. My nervous system was erupting like a volcano within a dark oceanic abyss. Here’s a little taste.

Pub Crawl

invitefinal.jpgRecently visited The Crown and Anchor pub wot my friend Gavin is managing. Located across Euston Road from Warren Street Tube at 137 Drummond Street, The C&A has an excellent wine list, good beers and yummy food. But the best bit is the atmosphere. Gavin has stocked the place with friendly staff to make you feel like you’re hanging out in your mate’s very well decorated lounge. Drop by and check it out.

Rubber and Leather, Whips & Chains

This weekend London sets out to prove that it’s the kinkiest capital in the world with a weekend of fetish fun that is guaranteed to exhaust even the most dedicated clubber. Yes, it’s the Rubber Ball Weekend, a 3 day fetish celebration, culminating in the World Famous Skin Two Rubber Ball on Saturday and with a more chilled out, exclusive event on Sunday. According to their website:

The Skin Two Rubber Ball is the world’s premier fetish party. Established in 1992, the Rubber Ball drew people from around the world to a glamourous celebration of fetish style, with fashion shows, art performances and celebrity guests. The event is now internationally famous; it has been featured on television in Germany, Holland, France, Britain and the USA.

In recent years, the Rubber Ball has been joined by several supporting events, making a whole weekend of fetish partying. We often link up with other London clubs, to offer a varied programme lasting several days. Guests from many countries plan their visit to London months in advance.

Something for the Gals

For those chicks still wondering what to do with their Friday night, here’s an evening that I’ve been recommended by some groovy girls that I know. Purrr is a new monthly play club for women taking place tomorrow night at The Fortress, 87 Fortress Road, Kentish Town, London, NW5. I must admit I’m not a great expert on lesbian events but I’ve been told by those that are that Purrr is glamorous and sexy fun.

According to their website (

Purrr was created for women who do SM play with other women. Purrr is unique in that we offer the only regular late night women’s monthly play club. Where you can learn, share and explore with other women your interest in BDSM sexuality, based on a consensual exchange of power between partners. It’s a safe, relaxed and friendly atmosphere intended to encourage an attitude free fetish environment.

Purrr welcomes newbies and experienced players alike or indeed women who just want to watch or socialise. There is no pressure on anyone to do anything, so it’s an ideal event to just come and see what’s happening without having to take part. However, if you wish to learn new skills or try something new then there are experienced Dommes available to answer your questions and help you.

The theme tomorrow is Medical Fetish. I’ve just got my nurse’s uniform in the post and am raring to go!

At a Fetish Club with a Belarusian Girl half my Age

Image011.jpgAnd I know you’re thinking that I’m having another mid-life crisis, but, honestly, it’s my brother-in-law’s fault. He’s invited me to go with him and his friends, and the Belarusian is his girl.

Torture Garden” bills itself as the world’s largest Fetish Club. It happens once a month at different venues around London, and I would highly recommend it. This is me in just about the tamest fetish gear my Belarusian friend could find in her black-infested closet. But, it doesn’t really matter what you wear because you will NOT be the best dressed there unless you are a true artist.

It’s funny…I’ve been to so many clubs in London, and there is always this problem with attitude. Standing in the middle of a crowd dressed in gimp gear, leather bikinis, rubber and tutus, everybody is so polite and lovely. It’s as if they are all wearing their aggression on the outside, so they don’t have to project any of it toward you. Nice, nice people totally aware and comfortable with their inner desires and demons. Would that they were running the world.

Check it out! I command you.

Kinky London

I feel it’s my responsibility as the erotic authoress to convey a bit of the ‘darker’ side of London life for those who think we’re just all about Beefeaters and overpriced public transport and street markets. Today I received in the post my fetish guide to London and so I was reminded of all the wild and wonderful places in the city there are to go if you’re into the kinky and alternative. From the cavernous Chariots Sauna , the biggest gay pick-up joint near Old Street to the delightful Starkers, the UK’s only nude disco, there really is something in this town to suit all fantasies and persuasions. It’s part of the reason why I love living here so much. It’s pretty much the norm in London to be a little bit on the kinky side.

A Great Night Out

It’s cheap, it’s cheerful and it’s damn fun. This gets my vote for the best night out in London.


Saturday night on the South Bank

A friend was passing through town and we decided to meet up in Gabriel’s wharf and have some dinner as it was another fine summer evening. Gabriel’s Wharf is great place to sit outdoors when the weather is good and have a drink and or something to eat.

After that we, went to the White Hart on Cornwall Road near Waterloo for a few drinks. They have a good selection of some interesting beers on tap like Fruli a Belgian fruit beer. My friend was quite pleased that they had some quality German beers; if only I could remember the name of what he was drinking; it began with a K.

I was wondering if anything was going on by the National Theatre. This time of year, there are usually out door performances. And I was not wrong, around 10:30 PM we just caught the beginning of doing a live VJ set on the roof of the NT. The funny thing was it took us few minutes going up and down stairs trying to get up to the balcony; it was like a maze; we weren’t the only people trying to get to the performance. Eventually, we did get there. Addictive were using a pretty big projector on top of a tower to display the video on the “flytower”.



Addictive did an hour and a half set featuring clips like a video mash-up of Blondie and the Doors; there was even a segment with Laurel and Hardy set to some massive beats. You can see some of these clips on the web-site.

After the show, we then went and chilled out in the Late Lounge.

There is more stuff to come for the next few months at the National Theatre as part of the Watch This Space season.

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