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Virtual Office

A mate of mine has come up with an ingenious way to carry all of your online stuff around. Check out Protopage. I hop around on different computers, and I was having trouble keeping track of my bookmarks, newsfeeds, etc. I can’t be bothered with the personal space that Yahoo or Google offer. It’s too rigid. With Protopage, you can drag and drop stuff around, add your own backgrounds and pictures and have numerous pages. You can make pages private or public, so those who can’t be bothered to create their own websites can use it for that as wall. Creating the page takes seconds. Then you just add to it as you go about your daily online business. My mate Andre says it’s also taking off in Japan where kids use it to track their digital pets. That’s a bit over my head.

Limited Liability

All of my friends and their grannies are trying to set up businesses. It seems like a royal pain to me, but they insist it’s the way to go…Limited Liability Partnerships or some such whatever. No doubt everyone has heard of Companies House wot set up companies for people. Friends swear by Business Link, also a government-run website. Now, ya’ll know how I feel about government-run websites (see earlier post regarding taxes not having to be taxing), but this one is easy enough for even me to use. The person or small country running the site should be given an award. They are running it as if their lives depended on it. Ship shape! After surfing around on it, I am seriously thinking about starting my own company. Now, I just need a product or service….hmmm.


I love saying that.

Mark Lamb’s ‘Farperoo’ is another of those well-illustrated children’s fantasy epics, this one supposedly being more epic and, er, more illustrated, than most others. With the free A5 print being given out at signings, this book could be an eBay success story…

Next signing on Saturday, 26th November, at Foyles. 12 – 2 pm.

There went the Magus…

Just saw that John Fowles just died in his Lyme Regis home.

I’ve loved his work since I stumbled on The Magus in a bookshop, and bought it because it had a ‘cool cover’. It wound up – in the stereotypical way – changing my life; at least at the time, when I moved from being impressional and embittered to being impressionable, embittered, and a fan of John Fowles.

The French Lieutenant’s Woman was also strong, not only for the convoluted plot, but also for showing a side of Victorian England that is traditionally glossed over. In a way, Fowles single-handedly subverted an entire line of Harlequin romances.

His contributions to humanism are impossible to ignore; again, perhaps not my philosophical cup of tea, but it’s nice to see someone espousing something articulately, an unusual trait nowadays.

An excellent – if over-enthusiastic – site on Fowles is Worth a browse to learn a little more about him…

Google fills in the London blanks

Try the Google blanks search and discover some previously unimagined Londonism:

I * London

The best * in London

The worst * in London

* made London great



Originally uploaded by Andyrob. is a fantastic service based in Shoreditch or somewhere in London, which allows you easily to compile a big list of all your favourite tracks and albums, then it plays them to you on your own personal radio station. You get to hear some new stuff as well, based on the playlists of other people who like the same stuff as you. Neat huh? ( when it’s working , that is)

Free wi-fi in Islington

Free wi-fi in Islington! : )

Thank You For The Music??

I remeber when I was about 16, it was the done thing to listen to pirate Radio. I could listen to my kind of music, find out where all the raves were, and me being me, I dated a few of the MCs and DJs too.. It was like a way of life on the weekend, all revolving around the stereo.

However, now I am a bit older, and I like to listen to Magic and Capital, dependant on my mood. Unfortunately as soon as its Friday this becomes a problem. I CANT tune in to ANY commercial stations, all I can find is pirate after pritate after pirate.I dont know if its because of the area I live in, the fact I live on a mega council estate ( Ive looked out the window for signs of a pirate…nothing), or simply I have a shit radio. I dont know, I just want my music.

Upon investigation, I have discovered there are no less than 81 pirate radio stations based in london. No wonder I have a problem here. And of course, if they are pirate they are ILLEGAL. I cant stop them. I dont have a problem with pirates, I just dont understand why there is so many.

Along with this I also found sites giving info how to set up a pirate station.. albiet with a disclaimer , but PLEASE.

I guess all I can do is keep on changing the CD all weekend. OR if you cant beat um, join um – anyone for London Blog FM???

filching wi-fi at the Apple Store

 Images Db Londonstore1The London Apple Store, at 235 Regent Street (just down from Oxford Circus tube on the right), is a rather cool place to take a laptop and get in a spot of comfy wi-fi-ing. Ascending the stairs depicted in the photo (Apple’s store-opening promo shot—imagine the same scene with throngs of happy iPod purchasers) takes you to the cinema on the first floor, where you can plug in to the power points in the floor, hook into the unencrypted wi-fi network, and relax back into the plushly-upholstered seats.

Oh, and there are some pretty good demonstrations here too—at the moment a very competent guitarist is showing off GarageBand by creating a complete song from scratch. Rock on.

And just how can Apple afford all this funky stuff, I hear you ask? Well, it may possibly have something to do with charging £55—gasp!—for the replacement power supply that I just had to buy. Must remember not to bounce my PowerBook on the carpet in future.

User Interfaces

Apparently no matter how simple you make an interface, some people can’t cope with it. Take those touch screen tube ticket machines – don’t get stuck behind someone trying to get tickets for both children and adults. And definitely don’t tell them that if they chose a family card they could have saved 8 minutes and

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