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Sometimes I wonder if I drink too much

Me Gigging
Having lived in London for 8 years, I can’t really gage anymore. When I first came to London, I had not been drinking for about 3 years. Nothing horrible…I just stopped one day in an effort to drop a few pounds and never started up again. So, when I came here, I was clean. Slowly, slowly, I started drinking.

Fast forward to the present and on the Saturday I had two pints before walking from Covent Garden to Great Eastern Street then another three pints of bitter at the gig. All of this over about a 5 hour period. Brits would call me a light drinker, however, Americans would say that I am binging.

A bit of a Blur

Yesterday, that is…a bit of a blur. Mostly ’cause I was hungover and shaking from the football the night before. It started out all nice and civilized with PJ and me playing our favorite game “Who’s Smoking the Ganja” in Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Sadly, it wasn’t me. But, seriously, we’ve taken to going out to work on the script, and this is a nice place. When PJ pisses me off, I just wrestle him to the ground. Lots of space to do that here.

PJ in the Park


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